Monday, October 29, 2007

Olive rings

Black olive rings. For some strange reason my kids love black olives and think it is a grand treat to have them served as a side in their lunch. Though maybe it is just the edible play jewelry factor.

This afternoon was not going smoothly so I summoned for reinforcements. Naps were not together and I was tired. The house was a dive and the remnants of our big blanket fort was still in piles on the living room floor. Don't know why I was tired though since I had plenty of sleep--I think. Maybe I over slept or something.
You might think I am crazy but... sometimes I wish I had 4 kids, two older to help with the younger. Then I realize the amount of laundry that would entail and then am grateful for my 2.

A few of my younger siblings came over for the afternoon and greatly relieved my burden. First off I crashed for a great 40 min nap, had a bath, blow dried my hair, moisturized, and felt normal! It was great! The rest of the day was smooth sailing, crafts to distract and entertain the kids and I got a ton of cleaning and tidying done.

Ethan is such a musical kid and a soulful and one at that. (left over halloween kit kat chocolate being saved on his face for later)

Yay, finally a proper craft corner! Kaitlyn's supplies were taking up precious storage space in my dining room cupboard so I dragged out a book case and loaded it up. Now she can see readily all her stuff and help herself to what she wants. It is not esthetically pleasing, but I am learning about function and how important it is. So much for my perfectly placed pieces of furniture and that show room quality I used to strive for. Now I just want it to work!


Anonymous said...

That picture of E in the glasses singing makes me wonder if someday he will be playing the blues (or jazz). SOOOOO CUTE.


Karen MEG said...

I love those glasses and that "messy" face. Your kids are so cute!