Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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Gymnastics on Monday was a blast. I was tired, weak tired, but chugged a coffee on the way there and didn't crash till about an hour in. The class is only half an hour long, but the kids get to play in this big play area after and they really didn't want to leave. Kaitlyn kept throwing her arms around me and saying "mommy stay".

So we did, there was no reason not too, I could sit on the floor and they played around me. We were there a total of an hour and a half. That last hour was brutal, I was beat, we only left cause I needed to get them home and have naps, I needed to have one with them!

A visit over to mom and dads is always fun....this is out of order, but blame it on last night. So, back to Sunday...we got together with the family to celebrate Grandpa and Grams 55th Anniversary and ate a ton of yummy food, I love food.
Anyway the kids are always entertained, as I am too, video taping uncle Ian crashed on the couch snoring, hee, hee, someday I will get him with it! Thanks for egging me on Aunt Deb :-) Ethan just loves the piano and will smile to no end and tap the keys, with an index finger, I think he will be the musical one in the family, well Kaitlyn likes it too, who know.

Rounding up the night, Kaitlyn doing her version of a pow-wow dance and then blanket rides around the island.


Imhiscowgirl said...

such cute kids :) I love looking at all your pictures! I feel like I know you pretty well, which is weird cause I've hardly ever talked to you...

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