Friday, October 26, 2007

A little hair history

This is a rough photoshop throw together, but if you click on the image you can view them larger. Before I went for my hair cut last night I was worried. I am always afraid of getting my hair done. Now you understand why!
I never like it. It never seems to be what I have in mind when I go into the salon. These are not all the styles I have had, but just the ones I could find on hand. They are terrible quality since they are photos of photos. Do you have a favourite look on me?
...I should have done this post before I went and got my hair hacked off last night, oh well, too late!
I will post more shots of my new cut later, am still working with it. But I think I am liking it.
Hair grows.


Karen MEG said...

You probably hear it all the time, but your hair looks great in all those shots! I like the angle of the new cut though. I just recently got the ponytail I had been growing the last couple of years, chopped off for the bob that I grew out in the first place. Sheesh!
I also have hair issues.
Love your blog. You take amazing pictures.

JeniBeans said...

OOh I really liked the one with the blonde streaks! I was hoping to see the pink and the purple hair. No pics?

familymclean said...

Ya, I will have to really dig for those, hmmm, I will find them for you though.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

That's quite the list. I remember the scrunched curls era. :)

Kami said...

I definitely prefer you with long hair (AH, did I just say that when I tease my husband for saying that about me all the time!) but you look good in all of them.

I have to say that we all pull our look together much better as we get older.

Thanks for sharing!