Saturday, October 13, 2007


Starting with yesterday since I never got around to posting till now.... A spontaneous lunch in the park. I meant for them to eat on the run as I drove, but it was nice out and the park looked inviting, besides it is always nice to stop and enjoy a quiet moment in a busy day. The second pic came as a surprise to me. Kaitlyn always colors with the blue marker so when I saw her with the green I asked her what color she was using. She turned to me and said "Blue!", "oh, really" I said.

Craft of the day. Foamy pilgrim and turkey. I love how she put the eyes on. But of course my controlling creative streak tried to make her put every thing in sorta the right place. Then when Dave came home he made one with her too, and let her have way more creative reign.

Grandma and Papa came today from Cow town for the weekend toting along clothes for the kids from their recent vacation. Kaitlyn had Grandma doing crafts with her right away, the final reveal of what they made will be tomorrow, it still has to have a few special touches added.
As they were painting I was setting the table for turkey dinner and all of a sudden there was a loud crash and a terrible wail. Ethan had rolled up to the plant stand on his car and knocked it over, scaring himself with the bang.

Rather than clean it right away I turned and finished with the table, blocking the incident out of my mind. Only then to turn around and find both kids giggling and playing in the dirt. What a treat! I let them play for a bit. why? I would have loved to play with dirt in the house too when I was a kid.

Grandma helped wash muddy feet as I swept up the poor plant. There is less and less left of it after every fall.
Kaitlyn got a big treat after a trip to the bakery for pie and buns. A mini cake with a Dora candle just for being her. Thank you Grandma.

After the kids were cleaned up Kaitlyn went to the table. I tried to explain to her that supper wasn't going to be for over an hour but she sat and ate pickles and waited, and waited, and waited. She then fell asleep after crawling up on Dave's lap, finally giving up on the hopes of dinner. Of course it was ready then so we started without her....she joined after hearing the silverware clink, she wasn't going to miss out.

We spent the evening bathing the kids and reading books. Unfortunately a cloth got sucked down the drain so Papa operated......didn't find it though so the pipes will be opened in the morning.....maybe the start to the bathroom reno, well here's hoping anyway.

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Amy.E said...

I didn't know that a cloth COULD go down the drain! That's quite an acheivement!