Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crafty weekend start

When Dave works the weekend we try to keep ourselves busy, and out of trouble. Even though it should really feel like any other day of the week for me it doesn't. In my mind I know it is the weekend and therefore I must do something weekendy.

So I took the kids over to my mom and dads for the day to let them play with their auntie and uncles, and so I could make cards with my mom and aunt Deb without a little monkey hanging offa me.

Poor Ethan was nearly out of diapers, he only had two to last him the day so I intended to get to a store and buy some, sometime. If all else failed he could always wear Kaitlyn's but there are little pictures of Dora on hers. However he did make them last, or maybe I should say I made them last. When it says good for 22-28 lbs they aren't kidding! That last diaper was at least 28lbs when I took it off, it hung down below his knees, no wonder he doesn't walk! Anyway I did manage to run and pick up a package of diapers for him before heading home.

Erika and Emily even got in on the crafting and made a few cards for a few special people in their lives. My mom and aunt Deb are also in the photo above.
Of course if Emily could do it then Kaitlyn could too, so up she climbed and stamped and glued and made me a pretty and messy, but totally unique and I will always cherish it kind of Christmas-y card.

Once Dave came home little Ethan went crazy with delight and ran-crawled to him full speed. Now a run-crawl is what he is doing these days. It is a combination of a run and a crawl. He gets up on his feet and runs but his hands are still on the ground, I guess it could also be a gorilla trot. It is so funny to watch because it looks like he should go head over heals at any second, but he motors as if he was upright.

I got back at painting last night. I have started a series of four 8x8 paintings of fruit. I have always wanted to paint fruit but never gotten around to it. In my basement these 8 canvases have been kicking around for months and I have been so indecisive as to what to paint on them. I have at least 4 ideas for great sets but deciding on one idea is tough. So there will be two sets of 4 paintings. The first set fruits. Of course they can be broken up and purchased separately, but they will be a much better deal as a set. The second set will be one of the other three ideas mulling in my head. So far I am still undecided. Check the finished painting out here.


The Chatty Housewife- said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you, meeting K and E and making some cards!

Karen MEG said...

I love paintings of fruit. Something very heartwarming about them - we have an artist friend who painted a lemon that we have showcased in our kitchen.
You are quite the talent - both as a mom and as an artist!
And did I read you right - snow?! Brrrrrr!!

Family Adventure said...

Your pictures are lovely. And your kids are just adorable.

How sweet for the whole family to be making Xmas cards together. This is something we could never do, being artistically challenged, but that's why I am ever so impressed with others doing it.

I also loved the post on your son's diaper. 28 pounds indeed :)

- Heidi