Friday, October 19, 2007

It is home

First off I have to admit to a mistake. I thought it was tuned in April of 23, but it was 1933, off by ten years. I have sent away the serial number to find out the exact age, but from the shape of it, according to the research it should be from 1917-1929 ish. Who knows, maybe it is a 1970 knock they do that? It did suffer some damage in the delivery stage while rounding the corner on the front portch, a nick off the front of it. I collected as much of the chip shavings as I could and will do my best to patch it back on with some wood glue and polish. You can see the damaged spot right below Ethan's arm in the photo above.
It was coloring day yesterday too, though all that Kaitlyn wanted to do was paint once she opened the craft cupboard. this moment she is painting, trees, leaves, suns and...not sure what the other splotches are, she seems unsure too.
Ethan loves the piano! When he woke up this morning he made a headline for it, stood up at it and pounded the keys for almost an hour. It needs a tune up so bad and good oiling too, if that is what they do, I have no idea when it comes to the piano department. Dave really wants to learn and then fiddle with the kids. I remember a bit from my childhood, but just simple songs. Maybe we'll all get into it!
It does take up a huge space in our home. Rearranging was in order, but now everything feels a little squishy.....cozy I guess.
Huge thank yous go out to Paul, Barclay, Dave and Brett-who also lended use of his truck- for lugging it into the house for us. When I bought it I never even thought of how much of a chore it would be to get it in. I love it, suits us and our home perfectly!


Anonymous said...

Nice guy Barcley is for helping move it when you didn't even buy it from "his store" :)
Enjoy your piano
D :)

prettyinpink said...

Looks great! Have fun!

BeachMama said...

It looks fantastic. In time you won't even notice the ding in it, it makes it your piano after all the years of belonging to someone else.