Monday, October 29, 2007

Photo diary

If pictures could talk ... then I wouldn't have to. Today was another finger clickety day. I have developed a love for photography. Not that I am any good, but I cannot stop. Kaitlyn got fed up about a week ago and said "mom, no mo pic's!" While wagging her little index finger at me.

I stopped using the flash so it wouldn't bother them and she actually poses sometimes now.
The photos above are from gymnastics this morning. (with the flash) Aunt 'tt' thank you so much for coming and giving me a hand with Ethan, it is just so much easier to have help!

The rest of the photo's are from my flash-less day. I shall let them speak for themselves because I have been on here now way too long sorting and choosing pictures and still have other things to tend too.

I know it kinda looks like a kitty, but it is suppoed to be a troll. Not wiskers, trolly hair. Don't ask me, it was all her!

p.s. It was an insanely gorgeous tee-shirt day today, yippee-keye-aye! don't know about the spelling on that, but I am happy about this weather!
Thank you beachmama for sending it my way as per requested, you are far more talented than I gave you credit for!

And that is a wrap!


Family Adventure said...

Your kids are just adorable. With you on the clicking thing. I am so glad we're living in a digital world!

Thanks for sharing!

Heidi :)

JeniBeans said...

Cute as always! =)

Karen MEG said...

Beautiful pictures - you really have an artist's eye for the perfect shot!
Glad you've still got T-shirt weather - we're hoping for 17 deg. tomorrow for Halloween - yippe kay yay (sp? whatevah too :)

BeachMama said...

Love the photos and you are so welcome. When you are done send it back so we can share :).

Drea said...

those pics are so cute! im adding u 2 my blog roll :-)