Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here is part two.

As promised here are the photos from the last two days. I am going to rush through this since I have to get supper on the go and then I am off to the salon for a new hair do. How exciting is that?! I am sick of my pony every day, and straighten once a month hair so I need a change, I hope I will have the guts to get something good and not so safe. Some hot chick do or something.
  • First off on Tuesday Em and Phil came over for a few hours and had a spooktacular time(click all the yellow words for the photos).
  • Wednesday morning we did laundry and painted, we have been doing a lot of painting lately, actually it is kinda therapeutic. This was the day of the untamable mane as well and it seemed the more we tired the worse it got, there must have been a lot of static energy in the air.
  • In the afternoon we headed out of town to a friends farm. Every time we leave the city it is like we leave stress behind and we both get a peaceful feeling, well except for the little fight about navigation with the map. We could never be on the Amazing Race, we would be that couple that every one loves to hate. Kaitlyn actually got to hold a kitten and thought that was pretty special.
  • Now I apologize that the links take you to sets, but I didn't have time to go in and select actual pictures. I had a tough enough time deciding which ones to upload to flickr, so it is what it is.
  • No fun exiting stories as I promised, no time, off to make supper.

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