Sunday, October 21, 2007

Play dough, paint, leaves and hats

Yesterday morning Ethan was so excited to see that we still had the piano and crawled over, stood and pounded the keys. He just cannot seem to get enough of it. I on the other hand have had enough, well till it gets tuned. My poor ears!

The crafts of the day were play dough and painting. Ethan finally understands not to eat the dough and smashes and spreads it instead. Little pieces sprinkled all over the floor. Kaitlyn seems to be more interested in making holes in the dough and rolling it out over and over. Myself, I like the cookie cutters we found at the 'village'.

"Paint trees, mom--peas"(please) Speaking of painting I got back into the swing of it tonight, check out the latest by clicking here.

This afternoon Dave raked up all the leaves in the yard then invited us out to jump and play in the pile.

Camouflage mommy. Speaking of 'mommy' this is my new name. Up until yesterday I have been "mom, mama or moma" but last night when Dave came home with the kids after an evening out-to give me a break and get the house in order-Kaitlyn came in the door calling '"Hi mommy, home."

Hat night. We were supposed to be getting PJ's on and getting ready for bed but Kaitlyn had other plans and passed out her hat collection instead. Such a creative little mind....scheming of ways to stay up later already.


prettyinpink said...

I think Ethan was meant for modeling or something. The way his personality is captured in a picture is unreal!!!

comfortablycrazy said...

Just checked out your link. All I have to say is :
WOW!!! (with dropped jaw)