Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An overview

Not so happy about this but it will have to be a photo- less post. Blogger is having issues with the photo upload tool and are trying to fix it, and have been working on it for hours, so now I am impatient and will just do links instead.

Monday was gymnastics (click all the yellow words for pics). That seems to be a good way for us to start the week, gets us back into the grind after the weekend.
After gymnastics and errands we stopped by my parents to drop off "Phifs" hat and decided to hang out for a bit. They don't have a lot of toys there and so the kids have to create things to do. This day they decided to create a band .
Later in the evening I went out for a bit for some me time and went to a card party. When I came home to an empty house. It was so quiet and I was still in a crafty kind of mood so I threw in a load of laundry and made Kaitlyn a homemade cardboard box stove . She likes it I think because we had to head out and get food for her to cook first thing the next morning.

Now all I remember about Tuesday was that it was just a boring normal day. So it more comes to me I will post it later, It is kinda hard to do a post without following the photos as a guide.

So now for today so far . It has been a little adventurous and we never even left the house...well except for 2 mins to check out a big truck making noise across the street. Around noon I decided to carve what was left of the turkey and boil the carcase for soup. After a few minutes I noticed that the kids where really quiet. You know what that means!
And sure enough they were into a plant and covered in dirt and were distributing all around themselves. Ethan is such a bad influence, Kaitlyn would have never thought if doing this, he is our messy plant guy. So into the bath! Then naps and now they just woke up so I am offa here!


Anonymous said...

Boy! It sure pays to have a artist mom! That stove Anna is great, Kaityln will have lots of fun with that. I remember making Steph one of those - didn't look that good.
D :)

Anonymous said...

I love Ethan's expression in the pictures with the planets - priceless.
Ask GiGi about us kids and moving boxes (we moved a few times!) made into fridges and stoves with a felt marker - we had a blast.
Nothing like a cardboard box and some imagination.