Monday, October 22, 2007

A lazy crafty (Sun)day

Little monkey man Ethan, wearing outfit number one. Why do I dress him before breakfast?! Note to self: Dress after a meal. He somehow managed to dribble his orange juice down his shirt, onto his pants and then smear egg into it too. Why he didn't just drink his juice is beyond me, not as much fun I guess.

Kaitlyn slept in till 11 this morning, and I am certainly not complaining, I stayed there with her half the morning, a blissful lazy-lay in bed till you feel like getting up-kind of morning. Dave got up early with Ethan so by the time Kaitlyn was up the two men went for naps.
I love lazy mornings!
Notice Ethan is on outfit number 2.
After brunch we got started on our crafts. I have really been into crafts lately and I think it is because it really helps fill the day and I get equal enjoyment out of them, well maybe more.

These are our gourds---before shot.

And the process of animating which we all got in on...and after.
There is even a cyclops. Kaitlyn decided where the eyes and mouths would be placed and was pretty good most of the time. (click on image to view larger)

Tonight we went over to my parents place to chill and let the kids play---really to give ourselves a break, but the kids play and get just as much fun out of it as we do. Mom found my old puppet doll and showed it to Ethan, who just loved it and couldn't stop hugging it, I am guessing because it hugged back.
Notice he is on outfit number three.
No wonder I am forever running out of clothes for him, well it could also have something to do with me never getting around to doing laundry, but he really contributes to the issue!


SAJ said...

Well it looks like your impulse piano is serving many functions! I love the little gourds!

Mary said...

I love the picture of Ethan hugging the doll! That's so cute! It reminds me of Little Miss Priss when she hugs her dolls and stuffed animals.