Thursday, October 25, 2007

Totally a record

Yay, there is room on my laptop for photos once again. But in the last two days I totally broke my own and I think everyone elses records. I took over 680 photos!!! It just took me over an hour to go though them all and then to think about which ones to use in my post, ack!! So many of them turned out great so I have to share, it will just be a matter of getting them all uploaded onto flickr in the morning, I am too tired now to go though them all again.
So here are three, a measly three to once again get you by till I get the rest up, and then there will be links. (sorry)

Here are a few pics from our outing to a friends farm this afternoon.

(her hair was like that all day--a post in itself)

Check back in a while for the real post about the last few days, yikes I am afraid of falling too far behind but I will get them up, so much fun too little time,and I sold a painting too!

Have I ever mentioned I want a farm?

(another post in itself)

What a day!


JeniBeans said...

WOW, those top two pictures are so cute! And it looks like the kids little friend was having a good time in the last one too! lol

Great about selling the painting. I hope it's not one that I wanted. Not that I could really afford one..But I would SO love one for over my couch in my new living room. =) You do such lovely work!

familymclean said...

Why thank yo jenibeans, I am so flattered!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I love the photos! I can't wait till I have kids to take photos of, because most of my photos are of scenery right now. I love the old fashioned bike and the muted colors in E's pic and the way K's hair matches the sweeping wispy clouds.

nicole said...

hey I want a farm too!

BeachMama said...

630 photos in two days! Wow that is a record. I have only come close to that while on vacation.

But, if they are all like the first two, you have a bunch of fantastic photos.

Hubby wants a farm too, but I have to keep reminding him of my allergies to animals and hay.

Congrats on selling your painting!!