Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Another glitch with Blogger, what is up with this?! So once again you get links instead. As you know since I am a visual person I will once again struggle with doing a post sans photos to go off of, but here goes my feeble attempt.

First off, last night sucked!

For some reason the kids where up over and over last night and then Ethan was up at 6:15. Thus there was no rest for the weary-bleary-eyed, only got 2 blasted hours of broken up sleep last night mommy. I yearned for a nap from the time my eyes open this morning, prayed for the kids to go down for their naps together so I could too. But nope.

So the day started rough.

I whipped up some scrambled eggs and tried to get the kids to eat but ended up rushing out the door with breakfasts in Tupperware containers for the road.
Chugging piping hot coffee got me to gymnastics and I was so thankful to see my mom roll up to give me a hand with Ethan.

The class went smoothly, though Kaitlyn seemed a little more rambunctious than normal, but I am guessing it was just me.
At the end of the class I was walking with Kaitlyn to the gate of the play area and not watching in front of my face. Rather I was watching the ground and walked smack into a chin up/balance bar. Right at eye level. And this was the day I chose to wear my glasses too, which I only need when I am too tired!
The blow knocked me flat on my back, and left me feeling quite woozy till mid afternoon, though some of the feeling may have been lack of sleep, I am not sure. I have a gash between my eyes and my face really hurts. Seems this just wasn't my day. I think I might even have whiplash again, we'll see in the morning how I feel, hopefully better!!
OK, now I am super tired and feel like going to bed, so here is the rest of the day in brief (in whatever order it comes to my brain):

  • Kaitlyn got new shoes
  • and another pair 50% off
  • Dave worked the WK shift and got home late
  • I didn't get a nap
  • hung a few halloween lights
  • did a load of laundry
  • ate
  • went through mags to get inspiration
  • ripped out a ton of pages
  • cut kids nails
  • thought about the missed nap
  • looked at my canvases
  • played Mario with Kaitlyn
  • dreamed of bed time
  • changed diapers
  • colored

Ok, I am freaking myself out, this is sooooo dull. I cannot even remember my day in order or detail, maybe I got a concussion.

Here(click) are the pics of the day to get you by.

Going to bed now, night!

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beck said...

Oh no! I feel like knocking my head against something after a sleepless night but you're not supposed to go ahead and DO it!!! Hope you feel better soon. Hope tonight is a SLEEPING night. =)