Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good morning!

Ah, I do feel much better today, a little achy, but better!
Kids still aren't dress yet but that's ok. For yesterdays photos click the link at the bottom
of the previous post.
On another note...have any of you noticed my Avatar-to the right of this post? She is a mini me, sorta. I change her clothes, hair and background a couple of times a day as we do different things. She is a hint as to what we are up to at any given time.
Fun---for me anyway. I think I will start dressing her in halloween costumes soon, hmmm, what should I be?


JeniBeans said...

I hadn't seen it since I use Fizzle and it only really shows me the actual post and not the page. Make sense? I did go look at it though and that's cute. Is it from yahoo?

I'm amazed at all the fun stuff you do with your kiddos. You're an inspiration to me. If ever I get my kids caught up on their schoolwork I would LOVE to incorporate some of your craft day ideas and stuff into our days. =)

p.s. I enjoyed the pictures!

beck said...

Ah. Well I'm catching up so I'm glad you're better the day after. =)