Friday, January 18, 2008

It's like I reached through the screen....

and grabbed a blogger.
The one I met today is every bit as cool and sweet and smart as she is on her blog, and why would I think otherwise!
I was a little afraid and nervous, what if she doesn't like me in real life, or we don't click and just stare at each other in uncomfortable silence?
My stomach was a little jittery as I walked up to the Starbucks and it wasn't because it was -30 C!
The coldest day so far this year and us two crazy chic's braved it for a chance to meet.

I stood in line and nervously glanced around, what if I didn't recognize her, or she me?

Then I heard a little giggle, a boy giggle and peeked around the fireplace, and there was a happy little man who was so familiar to me on screen and his beautiful mamma.

We waved and smiled, I got my coffee and we sat down. The whole meeting went so naturally, we have similar personalities and I wish we could have talked for hours, as it seemed we barely skimmed the surface.

What was I so worried about, we both love shoes and we are both under 5'4''.....won't say by how much though, of course there would be a connection!

Aren't we cute! (though I think my nose was way too close to the camera, ugh)

Now you may wonder how I met Kami. I have been thinking about it and I think that this is how it came about.

An old childhood friend of mine started a blog and one day I went though her link list looking for others I might know.
I made a stop here ( I sorta know her family) and found a link to kedge (I stayed at her place in CA and have been friends with her for years).
Through her blog I found SAJ's (her niece) and then through her commenter's list started to read Beachmama (whom I met last year while she was out this way) and then also started to read Angella's blog.
One night I was bored so I peeked in on blogs through both Beachmama and Angella's comments.
I came across Kami (her pic here) and loved her boot post and kept going back. Then one day she did a post about the slogan on her licence plate and I was like..."hey, that is what mine says."

The e-mails started to fly and soon we realized we only live about 10 minutes apart!

I think that is our story, so thank you every-one who played a roll in this game of twister, I am glad we met and look forward to future coffee-playdates!

After getting home we changed diapers and Grandma A. came over. She is in town doing inventory and always makes a point of setting aside time for us, yay, we love seeing her!

She brought us all spoiled! Matching dresses for Kaitlyn and her baby, clothes for Ethan to grow into, a hot little beach dress for me to wear on our Mexico trip next year and a shirt for Dave to grow is getting exchanged, I really don't want him to grow into it.

I was famished and we finally ordered Chinese food. Next thing you know I see someone coming up the walk, I get up to get the door for the delivery guy and Dave walks in!

6:00 on the dot! He had rearranged his day, and came home a whole day earlier than I expected. I was soooooooooo excited!!!!
Daddy is home!

A little on the hairy side but I don't care, he's home and that is all that matters.
I must say that this not-quite-a-week apart has been an eye opener.
I learned that I am stronger than I thought and that I vent on Dave way more than he deserves.

When the garbage got full and I got annoyed there was no one around for me to yell, "come do something about this garbage." I realized that I must just suck it up and take it out myself and I really had no place getting annoyed in the first place.

I realized that I have been slacking in the wife department and vow to put in more effort, he deserves for me to show him way more love and way less nag.

I had to yell at me this week and I didn't like it, no wonder he gets cranky when I do it to him!

I also realized that I love him more than ever and now I want to go spend some time with him.



The Chatty Housewife- said...

Oh how nice that he is back at home. I understand how the absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes you appreciate the good stuff that your guy does for you. The Mr. and I were apart for 4 months when he went for his training... that was so difficult, but brought us closer together.

Hannah said...

Firstly - SO COOL that you got to meet Kami! After all, I found your blog through her! It's so cool meeting blogging buddies in real life. I love it!

Secondly - how AWESOME that your man surprised you by coming home early?! That must have been so wonderful. I love your comments about not liking it when you yelled at yourself. When my hubby is away I feel the same way! Like you said, you have to suck it up and do it yourself, instead of getting them to help. And then you realise that you should do more of that anyway ... I so get that! But I'm sure Dave appreciates you even more now as well, especially seeing how amazingly you have coped on your own. So it's a 2-way street. Time apart can be good for both partners, in making them appreciate each other more and show more love. You do grow closer together during time apart.

Anyway, glad he's back!

Kami said...

I LOVED this post! I am not sure I knew the whole story about how we came to connect, and now I do!

It was so much fun to meet you and I can't wait for another gab session....seems like we will have no end of topics to discuss ;-)

Yay for Dave being home, I hate taking out the garbage too and when it piles up and I get grumpy because Jay didn't do it I will think of this :-)

Have a great weekend!

Kami said...

Oh and you look great in that pic! My nose is WAY bigger anyway so this way they look proportional....


Anonymous said...

yay for early returns and blogger buddies in person! so wonderful. and I so hear you on the 'venting too much part' ... you put it well, and I just had that realization this week too, tho my man was home. may we stick to the resolve :)
happy weekend!

Karen MEG said...

You girls look almost like sisters in that photo! What a great connection... and so nice that you live so close to each other.
I've met and becomes pals with 3 blogger friends, through a couple of momblogger pals I met at a playgroup. I find it amazing that the internet, when on the surface can look like such a cold and isolated place as one sits in solitary with the screen, can be such a fabulous source of human connection. Glad you girls had fun. I'll have to pop by kami's site now too.
Sooooo happy that Dave is home! You did it Anna, that was great, but it's even better with your partner home. I bet the kiddos are over the top too!
Have a great weekend!

Angella said...

Isn't Kami great???

And no, your nose does not look big :)

I LOVE the matching dresses! Emily loves her doll, and how CUTE would it be if they matched??

Happy your hubby came home early too :)

Kellan said...

"Come do something about this garbage" - I know how good that feels and I'd miss that too!!

I saw on Kami's site where she said she had met you - very cool and very cool to now be over here meeting you "personally" on your site!! Nice to meet you - hope to see you again soon. Kellan

(cute pictures BTW and adorable kids)

Family Adventure said...

I am so glad he's home, and I am even gladder that you realized how strong you are!!! I'm sure he's glad to hear you think he deserves less venting-on !! :)

And how exciting for you to meet a new blogger. The picture of the two of you is super cute. You look like you've been best buds forever!

Have a great weekend, Anna!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Daddy's home! My husband has been traveling for work a bit this month, and he's off again tomorrow. I hate when he's gone, but it does make it so wonderful when he gets home. I think it is so cool that you got to meet a blog friend in "real life". I haven't met a blogger yet (although I knew plenty before they began blogging), but I'd say I've met over 30 people whom I first got to know on the internet, and they are a great bunch. You two do look adorable!

JeniBeans said...

Oh Anna, I'm glad he's home. Talk to you soon!

p.s. I've enjoyed your posts this passed week. And I think we could all grow in the wife department, at least I know I could.


BeachMama said...

I wish I could have been at that meet up with you two. Can I say that you look a little alike?? Funny how we both 'met' Kami, but through two different ways. I saw a post of hers on LVgurl's site and she was posting about the terrible heat last summer. I knew she must be where you were.

If we make the trip this year I hope we can all meet at Starbucks!