Wednesday, January 30, 2008!

I hate winter.

Have you ever had the snot on the inside of your nose freeze?
In less than a minute of being outside?

Well I have, today.

I do not mean to be a downer but I am sooo sick of it and being cold.
Despite Dave plugging in his truck last night and running it at midnight it did not start this morning, not even a chug or spatter. Frozen solid.

Then again, it is -53 degrees C out there!

He ended up trying to start my truck and despite not being plugged in the beast fired up, it is a monster!

I was worried about going out, Ethan had had a fever since 11pm last night and it continued off and on throughout the night and continued today.
I was worried that his ear infection was coming back but his fingers were in his mouth more than his ears and after feeling around in there I figure he is cutting molars. He is miserable and spent the whole day in my arms.
If he is not better in the morning we will have to brave the cold and get to a doctor, poor little man.

After work Dave tried to get his truck running again with no luck and we ended up towing it to my parents garage.

Boy we miss our old double attached garage!
Old areas are nice in the summer, pretty and eclectic, but in the winter, just cold and drafty!

Now let me tell you towing a vehicle was a new experience for me. We bundled up the kids, I drove the Durango and Dave steered his truck. It was weird and stressful, yet kinda fun to get out and have an adventure.

We made it there without incident and pushed his truck into the garage. Turned on a few heaters, one huge kerosene one and a little electric and let it thaw for a few hours.

It is cold, so cold that when you go to slow down at a red light the vehicle doesn't really slow to a crawl, it just kinda abruptly halts.
The screen doors slam hard and wood doors stick really bad.
Ice is growing on the windows and man holes are steaming then freezing over.

Going out into this cold is crazy, frostbite only takes moments and your limbs go numb if you are not in layers.
My face is still a little tender. I had frostbite on my cheeks as a teen walking to school in weather like this and to go out in it again was like an instant refresher. My cheeks where numb and so was my butt and legs. My snot was frozen in my nose and the tears that leaked from my eyes froze too.
I should have worn thermals and a scarf!!
I cannot believe that Dave was out working in this all day. Mind you he didn't have to run any cable outside, it snaps in this brutal of temp, but still, he is tough!!

And it is supposed to be colder tomorrow!

Why do we live here????

Here is the ice on my parents front door....on the inside.

After getting home we cranked the heat and guzzled hot chocolate. Mmmmm, noting like bringing back the warmth like a hot cup of cocoa!

With sprinkles and whipped cream and .... berries, hmmmm.


The Chatty Housewife- said...

I have been reading posts and looking at photos my parents and friends sent. It's crazy cold there! Keep warm ok?!

I love the pic of ethan because you can really see his long wispy hair! Cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave is like his dad at this time of the year - working in and out of the cold!
-40 something here and colder with the wind chill and Walter is on his second early morning loading ice cream - at least it won't melt at these temps. Talked to a customer in Whitehorse yesterday - we were the same temperature!
Keep warm - love to all,

Catharine said...

It has been so cold out here too, Anna. The kids have been home from school the past 2 days because of the cold and today is a PD day. I don't know if they will be going tomorrow except that I will probably HAVE TO send them because of LMO. I have to brave going out today as Kaitlynn has a foot doctor appointment and Kurt has a speech therapy session. It is not so bad taking the older ones out but I feel bad taking the little ones out. I hate this part of winter too - we are all going stir crazy being cooped up all day!!!

JeniBeans said...

Yikes, stay warm. I want some of that cocoa! looks yummmy!

Family Adventure said...

Oh my. That's ridiculous! But that cup of cocoa...well, that made me all happy again. Except now I have to go and make my own!

Stay warm!


Angella said...

It's cold here, but not THAT cold.


I am done with winter too. Maybe we should sign a petition or something, and get it kicked out?

Tracey said...

Ok, it's freakin cold here, too. But there is no ice on the INSIDE of our door. Although, the wind and snow last night really scared me...

My snot was frozen this morning, too! I feel like we've bonded, now...

mamatucci said...

Hi, i have been reading your blog for a couple weeks and really love it. I understand the snot and cold thing.( I am in Melville). I drove to Regina yesterday and prayed for safe passage. I am from BC and my friends with kids cant believe that kids still go to school in -50 winds. And they stay home in 2 inches of snow. Heres to a early spring!!!!

Jovi said...

holy moly girl. ok, so i am a 5th generation californian, which more or less means i am WEAK in cold. and i think it's pretty cold here in NY. but reading your post just reminds me how not cold it is! still, i suppose you live there bc your family is there, right? and that's really wonderful. i wish ours weren't 2-3,000 miles away.