Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thunder thighs and the gym

This diet.
Not going so well.
I went to card making party, yay to a girls night out!!!! (I will post pics of what I made on the next post)

For snack I had guacamole, a few kinds of chips and a few other dips. I was hungry and it looked good, I figured "I will just start the healthy eating tomorrow."

Then I came home and put the kids to bed, sat to go through the pic's of the day and my stomach was growling!

I rummaged and found a few chips and some dip, then a Japaneses nut mix, then Dave went to 711 and how could I resist....he brought me a Hoagie. I held back and only ate half.

I have lost weight, but don't know how, still feel sluggish though so it doesn't matter, I think everything is just shifting to my thighs!

I get too darn hungry and when I am hungry get faint and see spots and will fall over if I don't get something into me that minute. (preferably something salty)

How the heck do people do diets when you get sooooooo famished?!

I just love to eat so I guess it comes down to choices and where I am failing is in the snack department, I love me some salty chip snacks!

Any advice on healthy alternatives?

Kaitlyn has started gymnastics again and this session she has to be independent and go with the teacher all by herself, while I sit in the stands and watch.

I actually got a lump in my throat, she is growing up so fast!

We picked up fries after gymnastics (our tradition) and headed over to my parents place for lunch.
Kaitlyn got busy doing Emily's school work, I am thinking I could get the homeschooling kindergarten discs and she would be pleased as punch to sit and learn.

Dude, come on...what is it with guy's and hands in their pants?!

A little painting before bed.

And if you are board to tears of the Kaitlyn painting pics......here is one of me.

Kaitlyn demanded, "No more pitch mom, me take pitch of you!"

A little pre bed gaming with daddy...football, enough to put any 2 year old in the mood to sleep.

I am now off to the gym.....hopefully I can do the track with the stroller and get these thighs into some sort of shape.


Madame Bluestocking said...

Try eating more often, but less calories. I've been doing five to six 'meals' a day of two hundred to three hundred fifty calories - and I'm five pounds down! It works great when you're busy, because they're more like snacks and don't have to take a lot of prep (fruits, veggies, trail mix, cottage cheese, yogurt, pretzels). A lot of healthy stuff is nice and portable. I have cravings for salty all the time! It's the hardest part. Oh, and if you drink tons of water, you'll be less hungry and less likely to feel faint.

Hannah said...

Can you get those veggie chips over there? We have them here. They are baked, not fried. And they're not potato chips, they are some other yummy vegetable. MUCH less fat.

Also, your stomach will shrink and your body will get used to eating less. But probably the main thing is that you need to eat some protein for breakfast (or at each meal, preferably) to last you to the next meal.

Agree with the previous poster about drinking more water. Often when you feel hungry you are actually just thirsty.

I will end by saying that I NEED TO TAKE MY OWN ADVICE. So please don't think I am doing well. I fail miserably every day. But at least I try again the next day!! LOL ;-)

Badness Jones said...

I make healthy low-cal and low fat (but totally yummy! even Hubs and the kids love them!) muffins and I freeze them in packs of two so I can defrost some really quick if I need a snack. (Packs of two so I still have something to eat after my snack swiping children are done!) Send me an e-mail if you want and I'll give you the recipe. Otherwise, if you have fruit or veggies already clean and cut up, it's easy to grab that.

You can do it!

Kami said...

I am on a kick to lose a few pounds before donning a bathing suit and my success has been to cut back on my meal portions. And if I get the growlies I'll have a healthy snack like an apple or some crackers.

But I am perpetually losing 5 lbs so I am no expert!

Oh and coffee helps ;-)

Family Adventure said...

I very much doubt you have thunder thighs, lady. Nice try! Still, I hope you had a good workout at the gym.

I love the picture of the paints, another brilliant shot.


Anonymous said...


Jovi said...

lol my son has been on a huge 'hands in the pants' kick! i had to tell him "not at the table!" the other night!

as for dieting- bah, i get grumpy just thinking about it! so my only choice is to be more active. but i'm lazy! still, i'd rather be more active than eat less...so starting tomorrow, i will be! (really. i'll be in charge of preschool pick up and drop off and it's all walking!)

i find apples to be a surprisingly good snack.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I love the photo of the paint, it looks neat.

As for dieting, I find for me it's all about the exercise. It makes all the difference as to whether I lose the weight or not. I stay away from all wheat products completely because I am sensitive to it anyways, and try to stay away from sugar. Other than that I just eat normally, which is fairly healthy. I lost 20 pounds in three months by walking 3 1/2 miles a day and have kept it off. So far so good.