Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think I may have walked a my own shoes!

Another pretty morning.....looking out the window.
Then I had to go out and brush off the truck, start it, let it sit and warm up by gulping away half my gas and then drive it....with my frozen butt on unheated leather seats and tackle some crazy slippy icy roads!

I love winter.....not!
I am sick of it! Bring on some melt, I am ready for summer!

Ethan watching the snow.

I couldn't pick just one, he was being so precious!

My little love bug!

Watching me freeze while I brush off the truck.

Now....Thank you everyone who left the comments about food and diet. I think a lot of this bad mood about my shape is PMS and winter blah's induced.

I am sick of the 45 mins to get out of the door just to go 5 mins to the store. And then only to lug a cranky kid in each arm and in layers of clothing, minus boots kicked off in the truck, across an icy parking lot with frigid wind ripping at our ears. And I am told I should love winter, ha!

Dave just told me to suck it up, I am not supposed to be complaining so much this year.......oh, ya, I had kinda forgotten about that. Thanks Dave.

Hmmmm, ok, so instead of sulking I will tell you about the rest of our day. My goal was to do some thigh busting.

Kaitlyn and I watched a Carmen Electra hip hop video this morning and did a bit of dancing. By bit I mean about 6 mins.

Then it was, "mom, watch Frankin peas."

So much for that.

We then tagged along with my mom, Phil and Em to the gym and walked and walked and even jogged a little.....trying to work those thighs. Now they just hurt.

It is a good hurt though so I think I will go do this again, maybe this will be my way of embracing winter.

As for food today, well after reading the comments it got me to really thinking about what I put in my mouth. I am actually pretty good aside from my fry and chip cravings. I always have eggs and or cereal of french toast for breakfast.
Lunches are usually leftovers or healthy meat and veggie sandwiches (unless I am out, then we get fast food) and suppers are healthy too, snacks.....another story!!

I am going to follow what a few of you said and drink more water and try to eat veggies or fruit....this seems yucky to me, only because I find when I am starving and drink water or eat veggies or fruit it makes me nauseous. I usually gravitate to carbs so I don't get sick.

I am sooooo weird I know, but I am going to try the water, fruit, veggie thing and let you know how it goes. Maybe I have grown out of the pukey stage. :)

More painting tonight before bed. It seems that Kaitlyn now waits until Ethan is in bed then says, "mommy let's paint now!" I don't blame her! Ethan always dumps the brushes and makes a huge mess, so for Kaitlyn painting in peace is such a treat!

Here are the cards I made at last nights girls night out party. No not the boozing up kind of party, a relaxing sit down with friends and crafting kind of party. The perfect rejuvenator for a wiped-over-kiddy-crafted me!


Family Adventure said...

Beautiful cards, Anna!

I love my carbs, too, and I find it difficult to give them up. But I do drink lots of water. The trick is to drink/eat regularly, before you get to a point where you are absolutely famished (I say this as if I know...of course, I wait until I am starving, too), and then you can make a wise choice of snack.

I love the pictures of Ethan watching the snow. Especially the last one.

Heidi :)

Hannah said...

Oh, what gorgeous photos of Ethan! They are sooo cute!
And your cards are just beautiful, I bet it felt great to do some creating of your own :-)

I'm sure you will tone those thighs in no time with that walking pushing pram and carrying toddler! Honestly, I think you look awesome already but hey, it's your body and you have to feel good. I get that :-)

Don't worry about the carbs. I think you actually DO need them. Just in moderation, together with the fruit & veges. I have a wicked sweet tooth so that's MY vice. Not sure how to kick it so I just try to be as good as I can, and have a little chocolate now and then to satisfy the craving! :-)

Badness Jones said...

Hi Anna - I like carbs too. I posted the muffin recipe on my blog just in case anyone else might want it....make them, and then you can have your carbs and still lose weight!

prettyinpink said...

Glad you got to the gym! I am a carb craver too! I think the key might be, as painful as it sounds...everything in moderation...

JeniBeans said...

WOW, great job on the cards, Anna! That looks like fun!

Angella said... are crafty in all areas then?

Is there nothing you CANNOT do?


Jovi said...

lovely cards! we have no snow down here...sometimes i think it would make winter more fun if we did. but eh, mostly i dream of my winterless life in CA! lol

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I really really like the pine photo. It's beautiful. As are the photos of E at the window. I love the facial expressions and the light. Snow makes everything so bright!

As for exercising, good job! I just put up a calendar in the laundry room where I give myself a sticker for every day that I either walk 3 1/2 miles or go snowboarding/do an active activity. I think it is going to be a great motivator. It seems silly that stickers would be a motivator, but I think it will work. I can see it there, I can see the amount of days I have exercised and I know that The Mr. can see it too!

Kami said...

The cards are gorgeous! As are the pictures of Ethan... you better watch, I might sneak him home with me one day!

No, not really but he sure is a doll :-) I have to work on Kaitlyn though, she is not sure about me :-)

Kellan said...

Yes - cutting the carbs just puts me in a bad mood until it all kicks in. Good luck with that and I love the pictures - it's cold here too (not quite as cold as there, but it's cold). Keep warm - see you soon. Kellan