Monday, January 28, 2008

Painting, baking and running from Snowzilla

Wonder were I have been?
Well I have been crazy busy, having fun! I have been in the mood to paint and once the kids are in bed head straight for my canvas and brushes. I would normally paint and blog but these offspring's of ours just do not sleep!
We put them down between 9 and midnight....Ethan is out around 9 but Kaitlyn is a night owl. So by the time she is asleep I am left with nearly no time to do anything.
I will reveal what I have been up to in a while, a few of the paintings are gifts for people so once they have received them I will post them.
Saturday morning we baked cup cakes for breakfast.....see me waving at you?

Getting in the mood for Valentines day.
I got my hair done....Friday. (for pic's of the whole wild ride click here)
A little excited about getting 'Cars' pull-ups. When she peed Kaitlyn exclaimed, "Mom, I peed in my car!"

We had the family over for dinner on Saturday night and Aunties and Uncles all got in on the painting.
Yesterday was not like today. Today is a blizzard and extremely cold. Yesterday however was melty and beautiful.
We hung out and played in the snow.

Can you tell there are a few characters in this family?
Check out the scene below.

Aaaaggghhhhhh, run for your life, the great dreaded snowzilla is coming and little snow men are falling victim to his twig teeth.
(Thank you Phil)
While we busied ourselves outside Dave took the alone time opportunity to work on our closet expansion project, yay!!

I have more painting to do and Phil and Em are here for the afternoon, so....I will be back :)


JeniBeans said...

Saw the pictures of your hair do in process. you look awesome mama! The hairdo ROCKS! Love the pic of you with all that ick in your hair. cute. hehe

Kami said...

HA! The snowman scene reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes!

Off to check out your new do!

prettyinpink said...

I love the cupcakes! AND for breakfast...that's my kind of breaky!

Family Adventure said...

Great pictures, as always. I am still in love with those cupcake holders. I need to get myself some when I come back to Canada.

Can't wait to see what you've been painting!


Hannah said...

Love the new hairdo - you look gorgeous!! And I just love the baking, what cute little cupcakes!!

(just catching up on blogs, been on summer vacation so have looooooots to read!!)