Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'll have a biscuit with my missery

Good morning mom, NOT!
Another long day.....I don't want to complain but really, the poor little man. He would cough so hard he would throw up. He hasn't eaten for two days and when I give him cough meds he throws them up. He is miserable, but I am glad to report no fever today.

I do have to say thank you to all of you who left me comments. You are so encouraging and really were the bright spots in my day, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I really am freaking out about not having Dave around next week and I think that Kami's idea of having Phil and Em move in for a few days sounds pretty darn good!
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And Ponty, yes, this situation really has gotten me to thinking about 'that girl'. My hat sure is off to her and her strength to go it alone so often. Maybe this will help me to connect with her in a new way.
I do hope that this week alone without Dave only makes us stronger, and really makes us appreciate each other more than ever.
It will be so weird though to sleep alone, I have only ever spent a few nights without him since we were married. The first was when Ethan was born and then a few more when I was in the hospital with Kaitlyn a year ago.

So...I was hoping to get dressed up for Dave and make him appreciate me and have a 'special' time with him tonight, I am missing him and he isn't even gone yet, sheesh!

But nope, the poor dude was lucky I rushed on some deoderant before he walked in the door. I greeted him with yesturdays hair, make-up, the shirt I slept in-still without a bra, and the sweats and sweater I was wearing last night, oh yeah, I was a yummy mommy tonight!

I can't even publish a photo of myself, you would never come read this blog again, I am scary!!!

One exciting thing this week, I invented two recipes and they both turned out great!
This is now more for my records than anything, so if you are bored out of your brains by now feel free to skip over the technicalities.

(If you get grossed out by meaty stuff skip the rest of this)
The first was a roasted chicken.
I peeled back the skin and smeared a blend of cream cheese and rosemary between it and the meat. I then stuffed the bird and then brushed it with sun dried tomato and oregano dressing. It turned out amazingly! Dave raved and drooled about the skin and flavour.
Next up was what to do with the leftovers, hmmm.
So tonight with a freaking out little Ethan hanging off my leg I mixed the left over broccoli, long grain wild rice with fine herbs, stuffing and chicken together with a can of mushroom soup and half a cup of milk.
Threw it in the oven and while I waited for it to start bubbling whipped up some cheese biscuits and then threw them on top to cook. It looked kinda gross and boring, but man...
Was it ever good!!!
Usually when I invent recipes it turns out alright, but the last few, yummm!

Dave took a turn with Ethan so I could have a few minutes with Kaitlyn after supper. Poor girl has had almost no mommy time for two days now and she was missing me, OK, maybe not but I was missing her.

So we took on a craft project, of course. she chose the paint colours and I chose the objects, well the first few objects. After painting a few smudges on the salt and pepper shakers she decided her nails needed a little colour and went to town.

As a result of all the rocking and little of anything else the house has not gotten any more decluttered than it was a few days ago. I have moved a few messes from shelf to table, pile to pile but they are not sorted or out of the house. It seems to be taking me an awful lot longer than I had anticipated.
Maybe next week when Dave is gone I can finish a few projects....what you don't think I will have any extra time?
Well I won't have to really cook, I think I will take a break from real meals and live on salads and sandwiches for a week...that should give me a few extra hours. Then again maybe I should do laundry.
I am going to miss him so much, in fact I already do, I sure love that guy!


Family Adventure said...

Poor little Ethan! I hope he's on the mend. No fever is a good sign. You'd definitely want him healthy again before Dave leaves.

Anna, you are always so creative...even with food. That chicken sounds yummy! Making me hungry for dinner, and it's only 9:30 am here.


Hannah said...

Oh, poor Ethan! I agree that no fever is a good sign. He's probably on the way up now.

I hate sleeping alone too ... so I totally know what you're saying! When I left NZ and went to Canada for 12 days without my family (for a work conference), I couldn't sleep at all -- despite a HUGE super king-sized bed in my awesome hotel room! I just missed my man. I cuddle a pillow when Rob is not here. Might work for you, too!

Mmmmm, that dinner sounds (and looks) amazing!! I will definitely have to try that. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Kami said...

That picture of Ethan breaks my heart! Hope today has been better for him and you :-)

Those recipes sound fantastic. Really, you are mother of the year. Whipping up recipes from scratch while your little guy is under the weather.

We are all healthy here and I haven't even thought about supper yet.


I guess that just proves how much I am NOT mother of the year.

Thanks for that.


The Chatty Housewife- said...

Awww! What a sweet sick little guy. That photo is such a keeper. Something you will love when he is 20.

Jovi said...

oh, poor family! ethan's illness sounds really rough :( i hope he's better this morning!

love your recipes, it's super cool to read about what other people are cooking! the biscuits looks yummmmy too.

finally, my 3 1/2 year old like the pictures of kaitlyn crafting- he said, "mommy, who's that? when can we go play with her?" LOL!

Angella said...

Poor Ethan!!

Praying for you guys :)