Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mish mash

Crafts of the day.

Did you know I used to dabble in jewelry making? Well some of you do. Five of you sport wedding bands that I created and at least six of you wear rings or pendants that I made. I had forgotten how much I loved to do this and while on the hunt for beads for Kaitlyn's crafts I came across these three fashion rings I made back in '04, '05.

It brought back to memory a conversation I had the other day when I was asked if i miss working outside the home.
My answer?
Yes and no. I do miss it terribly, the routine, the laughter, the actual lunch breaks, the actual work, I really enjoyed being a dental tech and I loved making jewelry in my spare time.
However, it does not compare to being a mom. The stress is on a different level now, I no longer strive to please dentists, instead my focus is on two little precious people who look up to me and mimic my every move.
The rewards I reap now do not even compare. A nod of approval for a good job done used to tickle my fancy, but now, a little smile, giggle, blown kiss or big bear hug is enough to send a tear of gratitude down my cheek. I marvel at the simplicity of it, the unquestioning love, and I am going to soak up every bit of it that I can!

And a few more steps. This is a rather wobbly journey so far but every day Ethan takes a few.

Hee, hee, some of my earliest work, done when I was 4. You will have to click on the images to see them better. My mom kept all my work and while over at their place the other night we came across these.
And what did I look like at four?

In this last one are my cousins Aaron, Kim(her blog here), me and my sis 'TT'(her non-updated blog here).
Aren't we cute?!


Kami said...

I love the rings! So cute, you are one talented lady.

You were adorable and still are!

Hannah said...

Those rings are gorgeous, I particularly love that rose one.

I think you described motherhood so perfectly! Although I still work (from home) as well as being a mother, I agree completely with what you've written. It's stressful on a different level, and the approval from your kids is SO much better than that from your manager! :-) I still feel like that even though I juggle both!

Love the artwork and early photos of you. I can see Kaitlyn in you as a little girl ...

Kimberley said...

WOW!! Your jewelry is awesome! I didn't know you did that! I like the rose ring.. wonderful! And those pictures of you as a kid are adorable! :)