Friday, January 04, 2008

Still all squishy

(mommy and son shoe match-y day)
OK you guys!!! My gosh the love I feel, I got the warm fuzzies over and over as I read and re-read your comments on the last post. The funny thing is I always imagine every ones homes to be perfect all the time and that you all have perfect hair and makeup and greet your husband at the door with a kiss while wonderful aromas waffle in from the kitchen. The kids in perfectly pressed and clean clothes and not a toy or dish out of place....of course not a layer of dust on the TV or bunnies in the corners or under the couch.

Knowing this, I must let this perfect image I have in my mind go. I love my kids to bits and even though I get so tired of playing with them all day I know in my heart I am doing the right thing. The messes can wait. I must let the stress of it go!!
And about rushing around last minute before company comes...I thought I was the only one that did that and always felt so guilty once the guests arrived....I was usually hiding the vacuum as they pulled up. I felt like I was lying, if they had just seen the place a few hours earlier. Then I would act like it is always nice and clean, ha, ha!
(As a bead of sweat runs down my forehead.)
So tonight I have been doing the mad rush around for a playdate tomorrow and have given up. I will wash the floors in the morning and leave the clutter. This is just how it is! I will distract the guests with fun crafts and a tea party....stick with what I am good at and hopefully they wont go home whispering about the state of the space we sipped tea in.

After a trip to the library today we played store...and used daddy's calculator as our debit machine and scanner. Kaitlyn chatted about the weather and mentioned that she found everything she was looking for, cracked me up! I had no idea she payed that much attention to the mindless banter I carry on with store clerks.

Kaitlyn was so excited to "work just like daddy.
"A new tool belt and tools to fight over...I just love this stage (not complaining--really!) it is just a little tough to continuously distract one so the other can play for a few minutes without having to share.

By this point in the day....the shirt says it all!
Boy did we greet daddy with kisses at the door tonight, he was sure a sight for sore eyes!


Family Adventure said...

Have a great play date tomorrow! A tea party sounds likes a lovely way to distract from any messes around :)


Momma TaderDoodles said...

Um NO, I do not meet my hubby at the door all clean and primped and smelling lovely... the house is usually is disarray (or utter chaos) and yeah, there's usually food (he doesn't get home until 7:15 or so) but it's not Susie Homemaker meal by any means... unless Susie Homemaker was big on fish sticks and frozen pizza... I'm feeling ambitious today though and I might take the girls to the grocery store... we won't be here to make the mess worse, but hubby will probably come home to a kitchen floor full of packed grocery bags... I do try to brush my teeth for him though... Even if it's when he's pulling in the driveway.

Kami said...

I need that shirt! One for every day of the week actually....

HA! Greeting the hubby at the door with lipgloss on? Never happens around here. If he's lucky there is something cooking but it's hard to get to the kitchen for the clothes....etc.

Hope your play date was fantastic!

Karen MEG said...

Nothing wrong with the perfect image as long as you realize it's not rooted in reality. And your reality is just so much more loving and fun (albeit more exhausting!). It's normal to feel tired of playing with your babies... it's ALL DAY, but you are absolutely right, it is the right thing. Your kids will get older in a heartbeat, so this is for your benefit as much as it is for theirs.
And for the record, you are one brave woman posting photos of your place (which is really not bad at all, you have to keep in perspective that you've got two little ones there and a very busy household!). My place, well, certainly far from perfect if you count the number of items hubby picks up from the floor just on his way in through the laundryroom to the kitchen whenever he gets home.
Your post reminds me of some old 1940's handbooks for wives... you know the list of things a good wife should do. Like make sure she's dressed to the nines, with full lipstick, make sure the kids are tucked away so they won't harass the man of the house... and always have a drink in hand to greet your man. Sooo funny.
Just enjoy your life as it is, and realize that despite the rush and mess of everything, you've a beautiful loving family life and life is pretty much perfect.

JeniBeans said...

HAHAH. Karen MEG, I think I have a page from that book. Someone sent it to me via email and I printed it out and hung it up on my fridge. I'm sure it's around here somewhere. I probably took it off to clean the fridge or something.

Well, listen...I think I might have to post some typical day stuff from around our house and maybe some pictures too so you get to see what I see each day. haha. Won't that be fun?

JeniBeans said...

Anna, go check out my newest post. It's a challenge. hehehehe

Hannah said...

You know what? Your playdate guests will probably enjoy seeing your house with clutter & all ... that's REAL and lived-in. The tea party & crafts sound great, have a wonderful time!

LOVE that shirt! Need one!

Anonymous said...

You must remember my motto: if you are coming to see my house you can stay home. If you are coming to see me: great - come ahead.
Also, doors are meant to close - you have seen the den/office and the basement - we do not talk about that, right?
I think Dave's Dad would faint or think he was in the wrong house if I showed up at the door to greet him - I never did do that even when he was on the road for 4 to 5 days at a stretch!
Love to you all,
Mare (aka Grandma Grumpy)

Tracey said...

I know all about those perfect houses! I used to attend playgroups of much wealthier homes and they were beautiful AND immaculate... of course, I found out that they had cleaning services and were OCD, so I didn't feel so bad.

Enjoy your playdate!