Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tea Party

This is not how I like to start my day, I usually like my coffee in the pot! Can you believe I was so desperate for a pick me up that I actually drank some of the sludge while waiting for the second pot to brew?! (It was gross)

Coffee mess soaked up and the house frantically cleaned, well the bathroom, (a must before company!) living room and kids rooms straightened (heaps of stuff thrown in our bedroom on the bed and the door slammed shut). I had to postpone the playdate by 10 mins to wash the floor and change two dirty diapers before rushing out to pick up said company.
Why is it that just after coats and boots and hats are all on that both kids suddenly find the urge to do a smelly number two and throw my perfect timing and fresh smelling front hall out the window?
We went and picked up out company. Remember the girl I have written about(click) with the two little daughters who live in smoke filled, furniture-less home, with a husband who is never around?
Well after doing the date to the mall with her and stopping by to lend a shoulder on a rough day my heart was so heavy for her and her children. Her husband was supposed to stay here after Christmas and ended up ditching town on her last week and leaving her stranded for days.
I almost cry every time I think of her and even though I totally disagree with how she lives and how she behaves around her kids I feel the Lord pushing me to her so strongly.
So after seeing her kids sit in front of a TV on a hard floor all day long while she smokes a pack a day in depression and alone I had to have them over. We have been so blessed and spoiled rotten with stuff-----to the point of being in need of major purging. I knew it would be good for her little ones to get out of the haze so off we trotted to bring them home.
It went all right. We had our tea party very quickly for the attention spans of her kids is very short then it was on to the toys. My kids clung to me and watched her kids destroy all their neatly put away stuff, it was flying every where, it was like Christmas morning!
I found it almost heartbreaking to see how happy they were and know that they had nothing like it to go home to so we let go of a few things and sent them home with a few items I knew we wouldn't miss, yee-haw the purging and decluttering continues!
And you know it does get easier!

After the playdate Kaitlyn stated to me "no mo play date mom!" So since it was so nice out we headed across the street to the park for a while. While crossing Albert Street (the main drag) at around 4:30-getting to be rush hour so heavy traffic, we somehow managed to loose both of Ethan's boots, keeping traffic stopped in all four lanes while I dashed back to collect them. A kind passer by rushed out to give me a hand, thank goodness, I was so embarrassed and felt like a crazy scatter-brained mommy who couldn't keep track of anything.

Then on our way back it was really rush hour and we had to wait for a while before the nice people came along and stopped for us. What is with people speeding by and giving me the evil eye for wanting to cross the street? I was even using a cross walk!
Anyway after getting across we hear a loud smuck and turn back to see that one of the cars at the end of the line(half a block down) was taking it's time to get going, he musta been picking his nose or something and a small car smashed into the van behind him. Totally unawares to what happened he slowly drove off while the other two cars had to get out and exchange info.
I kinda feel guilty for crossing the street at such a busy time now and am totally going to avoid it on late afternoons from now on!

So pensive....I think he is scheming about eating marker tips while I take out the garbage or something along those lines.

It was still super nice out in the evening so we picked up Phil and Em (my lilest bro and sis) and headed to the rink down their street.
I would love to say the kids slept well after all the running around, but that would be a lie.
These kids of ours I swear they could get by on 4-6 hours and not need naps!!!

Yay to the weekend!!


prettyinpink said...

When I used to cross that same intersection daily with Oliver at lunch, I caused two accidents in the 2 years I was going it...One fender bender and one lady driving too fast and hitting a tree! Not your fault! People need to slow down!

Family Adventure said...

Awesome weekend! I love your pix.

But my heart breaks for your friend and her children. Your presence in her life must be so important - keep at it!!


Kami said...

I agree with Pretty in Pink. This world of ours needs to get back to walking. If some of these people would just once leave their car at home and walk they would see the perspective of the pedestrian and be a much safer driver.

GRRRR. Sometimes this stuff makes me so mad. We have a global warming problem people! Look out for those who actually care.

Okay. Better now.

Glad you had a nice weekend!

Hannah said...

You are such a kind friend. My heart weeps for her too but she is very blessed to have you. I have somebody a little like that in my life. She is very hard work and doesn't share many of my beliefs, but I feel God has placed her on my heart and I am "meant" to be her friend. So despite the difficulty, I know I'm doing the right thing. You are too.

I wouldn't feel bad about crossing the street ... people should never be driving so fast or following so close that they are unable to stop for a pedestrian.

The snow play and ice skating looks like such fun!! I'm jealous (we don't have snow here).

Badness Jones said...

I don't think you should feel guilty for crossing the street! I have a tendency to get really impatient when I'm driving, but I do think pedestrians need a little more right of way.

Heather said...

Looks like a fun weekend - snow fun and skating....I need some little excuses to get out in the snow - I use the dogs as my excuse...but my hubby doesn't seem to see the fun in it all :p
Keep up the work in trying to help out your friend - you may never see the results, but somewhere down the road, there may be a big difference in her life just because of a seed you have planted.

Jovi said...

i came on here to say that you should NOT feel guilty for walking at any time! you have as much right to the road as cars (or more...imo ;). and now i see lots of other agree with me...yay! :) besides, i think all that walking is setting an awesome example!

Tracey said...

Cute pics!

It's good of you to help the woman and her children. It breaks my heart, too...

Kim said...

go check out my comment from "that play date" from Nov - just read it now and wrote something for you - sorry I didn't read sooner!!!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I miss skating. Well I don't miss cold toes though.