Thursday, January 17, 2008

Picture brain

Saw this on my mom's fridge tonight....I can totally relate!

Tonight while on the phone with Dave I was trying to share our day with him. Finally I just gave up and told him to read the blog.

How sad is that!

The deal is that I have a mind that thinks in pictures. I remember whole wardrobes of my elementary school and hair bands included.....and some of theses outfits were soooo bad, 80's!!!
Maybe this is why I am terrible with math.

I went to a lot of Bible conferences as kids and I remember what everybody wore and what the preachers wore and the decor....even what the food looked like. What any of the meetings were me!
I would continuously get in trouble for doodling on any and every scrap of paper I could find, even the corners of the pages in my Bible and forever be in trouble for not listening.
It wasn't that I wasn't listening, I just couldn't remember what they were saying because they didn't have big diagrams to go along with it!

Maybe this is why I used conferences as social meeting grounds, I really don't remember getting anything out of the meetings.
If I went back now....I would most likely end up doodling, playing with the kids, or be trying not to fall asleep or just pretend to listen and daydream instead.

And maybe this is why I don't care if I ever go again, and if I do it would just be for the social side, same as my child hood. Sad I know. People would talk about all this encouragement they got from the meetings, I would nod my head, but really deep down....swooooosh, totally lost on me!

Anyway.....blah, blah, blah......I probably lost my mother at the first glace at all these words.

What I was getting at is....this is why I take a gazillion photo's every day and by the end of the day I have to look at them to remind me what I did.
So you can imagine poor Dave sitting way up north waiting to hear about my day as I hum and haw and cannot remember the details.

Once I look at the photo's bam, I remember everything that happened when I took it. Photos from my child hood bring it all back too. I live for Kami be warned!

OK....yadda, yadda, here we go. The photos for was our day at a glance.

First thing this morning Kaitlyn wanted to continue painting. She was actually so sad that I made her go to bed without finishing her painting last night that she put her paints and wood on the bedside table so she wouldn't forget to finish it in the morning.

She sure was tired though and not too impressed that Ethan had to join her.


Oh, ya, I had mentioned that I have been decluttering.
Da-ta-da!!! Our old craft corner and the new cleaned up craft corner.
Pretty huh?

Emily got an MP3 player for her birthday and when she came over today was so stoked to show it off....."Anna, you must put this on the blog, I am soooooo spoiled....and I am only 9!!!"

Tea with the ladies....really he was just Mr. Destructo smiling with glee at what he was about to do as poor Kaitlyn meticulously packed a lunch unawares of the tornado about to strike.

Why, oh why did I let this happen again. I was doing so good.
I busted a few moves on those piles today, found a few outfits I forgot the kids had, oops.

We love you daddy and can hardly wait till you get home!


Family Adventure said...

Way to go decluttering. That picture of the kids that I can - almost - see looks awesome on the wall.

Em is too cute! "I'm only 9" :)


The Chatty Housewife- said...

I wish I had an MP3 player! Actually I do, but it only holds 15 songs. It must be ancient.

Tracey said...

Awww!! Cute pictures. I take tons of pics, too. I am not as visual minded as you, but I can understand having to live and learn in an environment that doesn't always work the way your brain does. But doodling on the BIBLE??? You must have gotten in big doodoo for that one!

Anonymous said...

Decluttering rocks! So do you for continuing to blog, solo, with recovering kids! whew. I do NOT know how single parents do it. My M is going away in April and May for 3 weeks each, and I'm so dreading it it's not funny. No family here to pop in, though I can beg my father in law to babysit once in awhile. I think you got it right with the Moment by Moment bit :) Two more days, right?! Almost there! May they be grand.

Kami said...

Ha! I love me some pictures too so don't worry, I don't scare that easily ;-)

The corner? You need to come do that in my house. Because you have so much spare time and all :-)


Madame Bluestocking said...

I know how the whole picture brain thing goes! I do not think in words, just pictures and non-data concepts, so I have a hard time explaining things without thinking about it for a long time and trying to find the right words(which is why I like to write rather than speak - so I don't sound like an idiot). I actually started going to Toastmasters last year to try to improve, but it's an uphill battle! Oh well - it comes with the personality I guess!

Catharine said...

The craft corner looks incredible - GREAT JOB!!! It looks like the kids are feeling is nice to see their smiles back!