Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dreaming of summer days

This is just a quick update and a little skittish, sorry.

We never left the house today. You would have had to pay us.
Instead we pretended it was summer and hung out in summer clothes indoors.
Aaaahhh, pretend bliss.

I think we have reached the 'are we there yet?' stage with Kaitlyn.
As I made dinner tonight she asked me every few seconds, "mommy, ready now?"
"No Kailyn, not yet, I am just boiling the potatoes."
Kaitlyn, "Ready now??"
Me, "No, I still have to drain them."
Kaitlyn, "Why?"
Me, "Well, I am going to mash them so we have to drain them."
Kaitlyn, "Oh, ready now?"

This went on and on throughout the whole dinner making process, right up till it was time to eat.
What a fun stage. ;)

We played 'hair salon' on "Suzie baby."

Em and Phil came over to give me a break and a chance to clean. And I did, like a mad woman on speed!
The floors are even vaccumed and washed!

Ethan is feeling like his normal mischevious self again and I am so glad! For the first time in weeks he wasn't hanging on to my leg or my neck all day, though he still dished out a generouse amount of hugs and winks.

He sang a few songs and pounded a few keys.
I am so glad we are getting better around here, finally, maybe our fake summer day did the trick.
Now if you noticed the new banner, I know it is a day early, but I have a few ideas for my Feb banner so I decided I might just swap them out. This one was just a rough sketch done as a trial run, so that is why it isn't pretty or anything.


Family Adventure said...

A summer day. What a great idea! I might steal that :)

Love the new banner....and if that's rough, I can't wait to see the final result.


BeachMama said...

LOL at the summer day. J has been wearing his shorts and t-shirts after school for the last few days. Today I fear even typing this as he hasn't changed yet and I don't enjoy the extra laundry ;).

Soon, summer will be here soon.

Brandee said...

Summer day sounds like fun, but too dang cold in the basement were we are staying until we find a house. But Disneyland next week so its gotta be warmer than here. LOL

Jovi said...

glad ethan is feeling better! lol at the "ready yet" can be tough, but also so interesting to watch their minds learn and grow!

FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhhhhhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.. oh and those pictures .. and those cupcakes... ahhh the babies are just darling... how I MISS MISS MISS those days!!!

I hear ya about the cold.. I really do.. not as cold as you.. but living in New England it has it's dog days...

Can't wait to come back and see what you all do tomorrow!!! Ü
Love the craft projects too.. keep sharing!!!