Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I feel so blue.....

without you.....or something like that.
As planned the blue tea party breakfast for Emily went off without a hitch....unlike this post happening within 12 hours. Oops, I shouldn't have planned it! Life with toddles is unpredictable!
Last night....ugh, last night. It is a good thing I never started this post or I wouldn't have published till 3:30 AM.
After getting into bed and just getting to that stage where your thoughts no longer make sense Ethan woke up screaming, as if he was in massive pain. I thought it was his bowels at first but then after more screaming I realized it was his legs, must have been growing pains because when I massaged them he went right back to sleep.
I was so glad they slept in this morning, The Lord new I needed it!
And yay to reaching the halfway mark without Dave, counting down the days!

Emily's birthday breakfast, we even had blue berry juice....wasn't really blue though.

I wore a blue dress.....and made french toast. I would have done blue berry pancakes but I wasn't about to brave the frigid morning cold for blue berries.

After breakfast the skateboard painting continued.
she is quite proud of her one of a kind paint job and stated that when people ask her where she got her super cool board that she will tell them they can't buy it anywhere because she painted it is the "coolest board ever!"
I agree.

The rest of our day was uneventful, the kids had late afternoon naps----never again!

Supper was uh, ummm, well kinda interesting. I cooked up that liver....trying to boost Ethan's iron levels, only mine got boosted, both kids spit theirs out. I used this recipe. It was a good flavour, you just have to get past the liver's the texture that gets to me. I ate it anyway, it looked and smelled so good, but ya, the texture, yuck!

I had let Kaitlyn sleep so late with her nap because I knew that when you are sick you need sleep to help get better. However I was unprepared for a wide eyed child begging to paint at one in the morning.
I know she gets it from us, both Dave and I are night owls. I get my creative energy boost around 11 and it goes till 3. If I paint in that window I am the happiest, however this is also why I keep a pad of paper next to the bed. When I sleep during those hours my mind is still churning ideas like crazy and I have to wake up and sketch or write them out.

She is napping now so I only hope this means she goes down at a decent hour tonight....I need the me time!
Oh, and you see the newly improved craft area behind her?
This was a part of my decluttering, I will post a before and after later tonight...maybe, no planes here, nope, nope, nope!


Kami said...

what a great breakfast for Emily!
You are a super big sister :-)

Half way hooray!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

How many tea pots do you have? Just wondering! Glad to see you can still post even though you are so busy. :)

familymclean said...

Well, I have only 4, Kaitlyn has three though. I want more though cause we looooove tea parties!

JeniBeans said...

beat me to it, chatty. that was going to be my question. haha.

Anna, your kitchen looks SPOTLESS! And you look GREAT! Glad the kids slept in for you. Almost there now, huh? you're doing great!

Tracy said...

Hi! I don't know if you remember me...I remember you from Calgary conferences years ago when we'd sometimes hang out. My maiden name is Csanyi. Anyways, I really enjoy reading about what you're up to. Your kids are adorable. Hope the next few days pass quickly for you.

prettyinpink said...

Hey, sounds like you are makin' it! Let me know if you want to do supper or something tomorrow!

BeachMama said...

What a fun blue birthday breakfast!

Funny you mention Ethan's legs. My nephew that lives near you has been having the same issues with his legs recently. I keep telling my sister its the cold winter and she should move back here ;), she tells me she is looking for a place in the south :).

Hooray for the halfway mark!

SAJ said...

You've totally inspired me. I think I need a GREEN tea pot!