Thursday, January 03, 2008

A day---and an award nomination:)

I have been nominated...awarded, something! I have never had this honor before, (blushing, warm and fuzzy inside) and am just tickled about this!

I had the picture loaded and now I lost it and cannot get it back up, hmmm, I must be doing something wrong because now all my words are too big too. Oh well too late to care. Sorry.

My sweet new friend Kami was behind this---go check her and my award out here(click)!

I am so flattered but also feel a little unworthy, she gave me more credit than I deserve! Thank goodness it is not a house keeping award, I would have been at the bottom of the list for that one!

Shade your eyes. I cannot believe I am going to share this because if you came to my house I would not let you past the living room to see it. It doesn't always look this bad but here it is.

It is not that I don't want to get house work done, I do in the worst way but with a 1 and 2 year old hanging off you the kitchen becomes a dangerous place. It gets the worst abuse, especially the weeks Dave works the late this week. It started off this bad and got a lot worse and is now a lot better even hand washing stuff done. After Dave came home he corralled the kids to the living room and I busted out my super mom moves and kicked the kitchen monsters butt.

Seriously though...I tried doing
flylady(click), and have a few choice words for her right now. Like....Hello, she must not have a 1 and 2 year old hanging on to each ankle or have kids that do not sleep or she must not play with them all day.

If she does please forgive me and hook me up with whatever drugs she is on, because she is a machine and I need me some of those!

Lunch time. "Have some salt and pep mom?"

"Well, ok." (she never gets to do it herself)

"Uh, Kaitlyn I think you have enough, OK, STOP!!!!!"

"WATER MOM!!!!!!"

"Ya, you wont do that again,eh?!"

mom, "What are you doing Kaitlyn?"

Kaitlyn, "Changing my baby's dipe"

mom, "Oh what is your baby's name?"

Kaitlyn, "baby Ethan!"

Craft time. I shall now address a comment from a blogging friend of mine....she(Jenibeans-click) asked"... Do you come up with all of the ideas on your own or do you get them from somewhere else? Share share share!"

So here it is.

Some times I get ideas from other blogs or from websites but usually I have a ton of ideas in my head and then when I go to the craft store I get more ideas. I see stuff and think hey, we could do that for cheaper if we made it ourselves at home with non -prepackaged stuff and go from there. There is so much we do not do though, Ethan is trouble!!

Doesn't he look like trouble?

We spent the whole evening walking babies. Ethan is getting good at walking this way...I think. He never took any steps though all day and then when Dave came home took 20 steps to him!!

Seems he was saving up to make up for last night.


Hannah said...

I am glad Kami awarded you because that is how I found your blog! And you're so sweet, I wish I'd found it ages ago :-)

Fly Lady definitely didn't have little kids hanging off her leg! I think her ideas are lovely but when you're a busy mother with littlies, housework is SO hard to keep on top of! You're not alone. I'm sure everybody has a room (kitchen, living room, playroom, whatever) that gets trashed and they don't let anybody see it (or they tidy up madly before people arrive).

JeniBeans said...

yeah, like hannah mentioned I doubt FlyLady had kids...and about the tidying up madly before company comes. Or in my case before hubby gets home.

In my own personal case, if I can wake up to the kitchen being CLEAN then I'm happy.

Kami said...

Anna, that fact that you do crafts and play with your kids instead of making sure your house is ship shape is exactly why I think you mother of the year! We should all be more like you.

And my house is usually cluttered with debris from Hurricane Kamden. Our legacy as mommies will not be our clean houses!

I good with that. And you should be too!


Family Adventure said...

Anna, you're the best mommy - and that is so much more important than a spotless house. Look at your adorable kids - they lead a charmed life, thanks to their fabulous mommy.

Award more than well-deserved!!

Heidi :)

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Good job Anna!

Catharine said...

That's it?! That mess in your kitchen? My whole house looks a lot worse than that ALL the time!!!! I love my new house because the living room can stay fairly clean and unexpected visitors do not have to enter into the mess zone!!! Don't think that when your kids get older that the mess will be easier, it is my oldest 2 who are the biggest culprits ~ they just don't care!!!!

Jovi said...

i found your blog thru kami's too! and YES, my whole house looks like your kitchen most days! we spend way more time playing than cleaning, too. and then scrambling around like mad when someone comes over. silly fly lady! perpetually clean houses are for those without tiny children!