Monday, January 14, 2008

A littlr grrrrrrrr and mail on a Sunday

Whew, day one without Dave is drawing to an end. It is now 11:30 and both kids are sleeping. I miss Dave a lot and cannot imagine how excited I am going to be to see him next Saturday, I sure don't know how so many of you do this so often, my mom too!
Kuddos to you all!!!!

When I opened the blog this afternoon and saw the post he left for me my heart melted, he is an awesome guy and great daddy!

Anyway, I don't know how long the kids will sleep so I will do my best to catch you up with what has transpired around here the last two days.

After our crummy doctor experience on Friday I vowed to never see those doctors again, and so then guess what happened Saturday after noon?

Well the clinic called and said they had some of Ethan's test results and the Dr wanted to see us immediately. His shift was over in 30 mins so I had to get out of my house coat, get dressed, start the truck and throw coats on the kids and beat it out the door. Dave had just gone to get his Christmas presents installed in his truck....of course, the moment he is not home is when I get the call.

We rushed down to the clinic and I vowed that this time would for sure be the last to see the quack. Once in the room the Dr said "I have seen you before, right?"

I say, "Uh, ya, yesterday and the day before and I just got a call that you had to see us now!"

He says, "Oh, what for?"

I say, "blood test results"

He says, "Oh his bloody nose"

I say, "No, Ethan fell on his face a few times, this ear infection he has has really thrown his already shaky balance and he fell on his nose."

He says, "Oh, he needs cream I will get you cream"

So off he goes to get cream for Ethan's nose, which does not need cream, it just had dry cracked blood around his nostrils from his nose bleed earlier and I hadn't soaked it enough to get it all off.

He comes back with 5 tubes of cream and says, "Now you come back on Monday" and gets up to leave.

I say, "Wait!! I am here for BLOOD TEST RESULTS!!!"

He says"Why would I have those?"

I say, "Well, you sent us to this friend of yours who had a bunch of tests done and he referred us back to you even though I asked every thing to get forwarded to my family doctor instead!"

He says "And when was this?''

I say, "Yesterday!!!! Agk!"

He says, "This is too soon"

I say, "No, I just got a call, please look in his folder."

The Dr opens the folder to the first page and says, "No, nothing here, you come back on Monday"

I say, "NO, turn the page!"

He turns the page and there lies the results, he says "Uh, yes, that is fast, uh, Ethan has low iron, after he is off the penicillin come see me, and we will get him some iron, you may need to see that specialist again too, he will call."

I say, "No-oooo-oooo! You called me in for this?!"

He says, "OK, so you come in on Monday between 9 and 12."

"Whatever dude!"

(my make up, no hair done, mad as all get out and super ugly face---right after leaving the Dr's office)

Seriously! What just happened?! This guy is a nut!

I was talking to my aunt and my mom later in the day (as well as Kami via e-mail) and told them what happened, and they told me of experiences that they and friends of theirs have had with him. Apparently he just gets you to come back over and over and over even if there is nothing wrong with you. And if you cough he tells you that you have pneumonia.

Three other people I have learned of had this happened to them and it was nothing more than colds and allergies. He has quite the reputation in this city and if you know of him you avoid him like the plague, he should be banned.
So since his iron is low we are boosting the green's intake and also bought some liver.(yuck!!!)
If any of you have good(is that even possible?) recipes for liver please, please share!
Anyway, our day did not get better, I really don't want this to be a vent fest, but Heidi is right, when you go through something, you just gotta get it out, and for me it happens here.
Ethan was starting to feel better but by midnight Kaitlyn was coughing and throwing up, Ethan wouldn't sleep hearing all the commotion and we ended up being up till 4 am taking turns with each kid, back and forth, and back and forth. Kaitlyn also had the fever and still does. Tylenol has been keeping it in check but she is still warm. She seems to be just a few days behind Ethan with this bug.
However, if she is like Ethan I hope she is now at the turning point because today he was much much better, yay!! Thanks again for your prayers!!!!

Apparently in all the business of the last few days I have forgotten to check the mail and this afternoon was pleasantly surprised, OK, let me refraise, exuberantly freaking happy to have received a parcel, and an awesome one at that, with two sets of BB flash cards made by the talented SAJ. And the yak(for Y) and Newt(for N) trading began.
A few minutes after that fantastic make-my-day moment the door bell rang and it was "Lady" bringing us cookies and muffins, she is soooo sweet, and only added to the make-my-day list.

Then my brother showed up and played with Ethan and shortly after he left we all went for naps and when we woke up my mom showed up and entertained the kids so I could get dishes done and the floor swept. Thank you mom!!!!!
Oh, and I almost forgot that my sis "TT" stopped by with lunch, Sammies from Quiznos.
Now bring on the sleepovers, I want to be busy, busy, busy, and then it will feel like my honey gets home sooner!! (I hope)
Oh, and bring on the coffee too, ya, yumm.
Now for a sneak peak at our plans...for the morning(you know how plans go, but we'll try), a blue tea party had been requested by Kaitlyn and she has now been talking about it for two days, now she must find all things blue!


SAJ said...

Wow. I can't believe that misadventure with the doctor! I wish we could ship you over here to deal with our doctors. They are bad but not nearly as bad as that. Yikes. I've heard the medical system in Canada is horrible but I had no idea. I would break down five thousand more times than you have.

I'm happy you like the cards. They were really no big deal. I wish I could send card every day knowing they make you this happy.

Thinking of you.

Family Adventure said...

Anna - in Ontario the doctor gets paid every time he sees you. Is it like that where you are? If so, it can be in his interest to have you come and see him as much as possible...

I have friends who are doctors in Ontario, and I know them as super honest and honourable people, but there are people out there who just take advantage of the system.

I really think you need to find another doctor. If you can, do it quickly!

Glad Ethan is better - sorry can't help you with the liver recipes (yuck), but I am kinda surprised that the doc would diagnose low iron in a young child. Could his blood work have been off because of his illness? Is it worth the pain of another needle to doublecheck? Just wondering out loud here...

Hope Kaitlyn gets better today, too.

And yay to getting throught the first day. Good job!! :)


Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, your medical system is INSANE!!! I could not cope with that, my goodness!! What a complete nightmare. That guy sounds like a moron x100000!!

I am so glad that you had many happy points in your day, with parcels and visitors and deliveries of food. Yay!!

Still praying, since that's pretty much all I can do from little ole' New Zealand!

Kami said...

Okay guys, this guy is NOT the norm in Canada! I have to defend our health care system because this is a very bad example, there many, many other good ones.


I forgot to mention something else... sending an email shortly!

Amy.E said...

Just a note to say i'm thinking of you and hope your week goes better than you expect. Just be glad you miss your husband, because how miserable would life be if you didn't miss him when he's away?(that's how I try to make myself feel better when Casey's off fighting fires all summer, but it's not quite the same because it's just me and no kiddos). Here's to you, super mama!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Oh wow. Why is he even working there still? He is stealing money from the government basically and not being a Dr. at all. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is a nice pic of me and you, not! the mom!!

Kimberley said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Talk about a bad doctor! I feel for you! Hope the kidlets get better soon! I'll send up some prayers :) Don't worry, the week will go by fast!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your day has gone alright, mine was a mess. i miss you guys sooo much! it is boring here without you. take care, God bless, can't wait to see you.

love daddy

Jovi said...

oh my gosh, that dr is bad, bad news! so glad ethan is on the mend, and i hope kaitlyn doesn't stay sick DOES sound like our kids have the same illness, sigh!

Anonymous said...

I cannot type in here what Walter has to say about the doctor but in this case he "recommends" you do not go back to this guy!
Glad to hear Ethan is on the mend.
If you need to call us we are here - almost a 1000 kms away - but we are here.
The Grumpys