Friday, January 18, 2008

Almost clean-ish

I have been tooling around in photo shop with most of my photos since Christmas and absolutely love doing is kinda like playing with paint only in a virtual world.

Here is a before and after.....just colors and contrast and levels have been messed with. I should have removed her snot. Poor pumkin is almost better....just the odd nasal drip now.

What do you think, does the second one look realistic or have I been going way overboard?

Busted and totally busted! He's not supposed to be on the table not supposed to be touching the mug Kaitlyn had just painted.

You may have a few words about his diaper. It is just poofy, really! The kid has no hips so the diapers hang off his thighs....see where his belly ends, maybe this contributes to his infrequent steps.

He is walking more but still chooses to crawl 90% of the time. After all he has perfected it and can nearly keep up to Kaitlyn running!

Poor guy had a few baths today. For some reason Kaitlyn brought a fresh not dried painting into the bathroom with her as I was prepping bath one. Ethan promptly sat on in and then moved over to the floor and made pretty pink and purple bum prints. Actually quite lovely, better than the horrid lino in there now!

The second was after bath #1. I was dressing Kaitlyn and he disappeared, hmmm, so quite, then of course he crawls into the room with paint on his head, knees hands and mouth. Bath #2.

The rest of the day I tried to kick dirts butt.
I made a bit of Kaitlyn screamed, "mommy, plaaaaay, plaaaaaaaaay, pleeeeaaassee!!!!"
I would play and then sneak out till she realized I was gone and then we would do it all over agian.
Now for the cleaning.
I really want the vileda mop and bucket system (I used to use it in the lab-love it) no more disposable wipe pads.....I am in the process of....uh, wanting to be more green.

You are going to gasp in horror I am sure at what you are about to read but.....I currently bring my groceries home in plastic bags.
I know, I know, tisk, tisk! So I have decided it is time for cloth.

I have a few lululemon bags and a few others, but some nice pretty ones would be really cool....if any of you have an easy pattern you could recommend I am totally in the mood for the fabric store. This could be so fun!

Anyway that is me....bad no make up face again.....only when I go out of the house or if Dave is around to I make myself look pretty. I love to put make up on, but what is the point when no one sees me and I don't go out. Well you see me but, I can choose how much of me you see....and you don't have to smell me.

Not that I stink or anything! I finally got a shower, last night at my parents place. It had been days, gross I know but with the kids and all it just didn't happen. When Em or Phil were over I was so busy trying to get an ounce of cleanliness into the house I kept putting me off.

When the heck do single parents ever shower???


The house is looking better, the floors are mopped, most dished done, dining room table half windexed....the other half has computers....and a few neat piles of stuff. The toilet is clean and even the laundry got folded......a whole ton of it!
We had to run the little base heater was a freezing 14 degeees down there!
This does contribute to my putting off of doing laudry.

I started the day thinking I better get on it since my mother in law is coming to visit, after all she is the queen of clean. Then I thought, hmm....I could really use her help, and changed the goal to have a clean inviting space for Dave to come home to.

I am so excited....the time is flying by!

Tonight my sister 'TT' came over. She moves in with us this weekend, and will rent a portion of the basement. I will post pics as it happens.
She has a fantastic career, but also goes to school, just to keep her brain going. Now she has decided she wants to go to Europe for a year to school so she sold her condo and is moving in with us to create a nice cushion to travel and live on while she is there.
I am jealous!

We readied her area and moved some things around and one of the things was the mosquito net we had over our guest bed. Now it is Kaitlyn's room, and she looooooves it!


Family Adventure said...

I would love Kaitlyn's room. How pretty is that net?! I love it!

And I loooooove Ethan's look on the table. Busted is right!

The first two pics - I think the one you played around with looks awesome. Not at all unrealistic - just better colours. I have had photoshop for eons, but have never bothered playing with it. You are encouraging me - inspiring me to give it a go. Thanks! :)


The Chatty Housewife- said...

Ethan's diaper is hilarious. I can't believe K sold her condo already! Crazy!

Hannah said...

Love the photoshop effects, I think they look really natural.

WOW that is a lot of laundry!!! Good job getting it all folded!

I have those cloth bags for the supermarket, but stopped using them after about the 4th time because of the frowns & sighs I would get from a) the checkout operator (even though I said I would pack them MYSELF) and b) other customers (who assumed that the packing of bags would take longer because of the cloth, or because I was doing it). But hey, I actually WORKED THERE FOR 5 YEARS while I was at college, so there!!!!

Anyway, it seemed like it was a real hassle for other people so I went back to plastic. Shame!

Karen MEG said...

Picture #2 looks really great - it really brings out Kaitlyn's pretty face, the light works well. You are GOOOOD girl!
Ethan, busted, love that face!
I love those lulu bags too; I must confess I end up using plastic at the grocery sometimes because I forget my "green" bags are in the best place...on my washer at home waiting to be put back in the van. Grrr! I try to use them for everything, but always forget them at home.
Actually, a couple of my friends/blog pals have set up a new blog called "Green is her New Blog" and they've got great tips and sources for bags and all things green.

Tracey said...

Whew! What a post!

Ethan, what a stinker on the table...

And DAMN that is a lot of laundry! You go, girl. I hate it when my piles are that high. And then the kids knock them down, and the cats pee on them and I say "Forget IT!" and just leave it there...

JeniBeans said...

Anna, great job on all the cleaning. I need you to come visit ME this week and help ME! hahaha. Seriously!

Here are some bags I use:

google the envirosax. They are just what you're looking for. Pretty and reusable. =)I want to get some of those next!

Angella said...

The after shot looks GREAT. I bump up the contrast on nearly every photo I take, to make it look more like real life :)

nicole said...

send me your address and I will mail you a canvas tote...and maybe some dish soap!

nicole said...

oops I forgot add...a good place to keep your reusable totes is the trunk of your car so you don't forget when you swing by the grocery store. Happy totes!

Kami said...

I think the edited photo looks fantastic! It's so crisp and clear. I am wanting photoshop badly... we have to chat about that....


See you in an hour!

Jovi said...

i think the retouched pic looks great! i am SO untalented at that kind of thing. also YAY for mil coming and help cleaning! my gma is the queen of clean, too (she irons the bedsheets before people come over, no kidding) and i love having her to help at my house *blush*.