Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tea and a trip to the north pole

What a beautiful sight out the window this morning, glad I didn't have to go out in it though.

So remember how I said I was going to complain less this year?....well I think I have been doing quite well so far.
However today has been a bomb so please, bear with me. I have been surprisingly calm all day, and although I had a few close to crying moments, my insides were pretty peaceful. Someone musta been praying for me today!

It started off with little Ethan not feeling well, he had a bit of a cough and runny nose but then by noon was getting kinda warm. He was clingy and crabby so much so that I only had a few bites of egg for breakfast a slice of turkey sandwich meat and a wedge of cucumber for lunch---stolen from a little persons plate---and that was it till Dave came to the rescue at 6pm with a free pizza from the restaurant he was doing some contract work at.

The second thing was finding out that my husband is getting shipped out of town for a week on business, and has to leave this coming Sunday!
I have been contemplating whether I should go with him or not but he is going to LaRonge and my idea of a winter vacation is NOT the north pole!!!!!!!!!
So what do I do when I am all depressed and starving and have a fussy sick child hanging off my hip?
Try to cheer myself up, by doing crazy make-up and hair and then looking in the mirror for a laugh.

Emily stopped over for a few hours while Phil went to his tutors so she broke up my day by playing with she later told me it was more like job shadowing.

They had a few tea parties while I rocked Ethan. By this time he had thrown up a few times and was all dosed up with Tylenol for his fever and just wanted to be held and rocked.

Tea with the animals and a dance party after. Thank you so much Emily for coming over, even if it felt more like job shadowing with all the spilled tea you had to mop up you really are so great with Kaitlyn!

Still in the rocker. By this time my butt was numb and my bladder the size of a basketball. I had been sitting rocking Ethan for 5 hours and Kaitlyn kept trying to climb on me saying, "I'm soooo tired mommy" and wanting to cuddle. She finally made it onto my lap and fell asleep.
Big mistake---it was 5pm!
See what time this post was published at? Ya! She finally went to bed after 12:30. We still really have not adjusted from our Christmas trip with sleeping patterns yet. There have been a few Ok nights and that's it.
Ethan has been up every 30 mins since around 9, so now I finally get a moment, and I NEED it! I don't care I have to chug an extra coffee in the morning, this is my sanity!
I totally don't know how I am going to manage next week alone (choking back a sob now)
I cannot imagine a day without Dave here let alone a whole week! Aaaggggghhh!!


Hannah said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about Ethan being sick, poor little guy! And how patient are YOU, sitting there in that rocker for so many hours straight! You're such a good mommy!
I know you're worried about coping on your own, but I'm sure you'll be fine. There's something that just kicks in when you know you're alone and "help" will not being arriving at 5.30pm. I know, I've been there! But it's obviously harder with a sick baby, so I hope he is all better by then :-)

prettyinpink said...

Poor Eth! There sure is a bad bug going around. Call on me if you need help next week Anna. I can slip over after work if you need some help or to run errands...

Jovi said...

oh my, i hope ethan feels better soon! i kinda laughed at the numb butt and huge bladder part tho...sorry, but i have so been there (and really, what mama hasn't?)!

hope your husband's trip away goes by quickly...i am a huge baby about those kind of things before they happen but usually manage to cope during the actual event...the anticipation is the worst part! i'm sure you will do just fine :) :)

ps love the hair and makeup! i was playing w/makeup the other day, too, but no pics...hmm, maybe next time!

JeniBeans said...

Sorry about the sickies. We've got it going here too. My oldest and my youngest both had a nasty cough and cold and then about the time they start getting over it my oldest daughter (who is not even 2 yet) started throwing up from both ends. (ICK!) THen last night I got sick with the cold and cough and fever and then today my daughter is puking again and I think me and Jef are both coming down with the stomach bug.


I know it will be rough next week. But I'm sure those around you will visit and provide plenty of help and fun while he's away.

Stay encouraged! =)

Family Adventure said...

Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon!

Good luck next week! I know you'll be fine, but it's tough not having that extra pair of hands to give you a break at night! Just know it is a temporary thing!!


Kami said...

Oh man! What a day. Can I suggest that Emily and Phil move in for a week?


Hope Ethan is better and that no one else sucumbs.

Angella said...

Poor little dude!

You are such a good Momma to sit and cuddle for so long!

Hope Ethan is on the mend soon!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your friend was right when she said things happen for a reason. Now think about the young lady you met who is home with her two children all the time.


bethany actually said...

Your day yesterday sounds like my day today. Not the particulars, just that it was a kinda rough day. I hope your day was better today, and that Ethan's feeling better!

Karen MEG said...

Aww, sorry you little guy is sick. What a sweet picture of you with your babies though. Hope he feels better soon!
Yes, it is tough when hubby is away, but you'll be amazed how quickly it will go by with your very busy household. Hopefully the colds will stay away that week though.
Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna - sorry to hear about Eth - I hope he's feeling better soon and that the bug stays away from the rest of you! my hubby is away this week and I found the thought of him being away very crappy - even though I don't have any kids to worry about. Now I'm kinda OK with it but I wouldn't want it to happen often! I hope everything goes well for you - I'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Ethan... I love that last picture of you three. You're such a great mom. Nothing beats snuggly babies... except maybe a full nights rest and an empty bladder, right? OK, only some of the time does that beat snuggly babies. =)