Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Isn't that how it always goes?! All this excitement over a blue tea party and when Kaitlyn woke up it had to be white. So now for the rest of the week my plan is to fly by the seat of my pants and take it moment by moment.

Today went exceptionally well, the kids are feeling better so we got some shopping done, hung out for a very long while at my parents and then after super Phil and Em came home with us.
Anyway, I contemplated not writing a post tonight, I am soooooo beat, but then I thought of Dave. This is his only connection to us while he is gone so I must do it!
Now since my mom says I type too much...here is a break in the form of pictures.


Daddy's girls....once again a morning bad hair and no make-up shot---well there are smudges of yesterdays mascara under my eyes, sorry to be so scary!

White tea party. I couldn't find the white cups and after much persuasion she accepted a blue one.

Two new additions to the red shoe family(the ones on the rt are old ones)
I love shoes and really love red ones. The ones on the bottom are for Kaitlyn. And can you believe it, both pairs together for under $7! Value Village rocks!

Phil got some fancy metal work today.

Tea party hats, part of our purchase today. Poor Ethan is wearing Kaitlyn's shirt and hat, I must never show him this pic!

"Orange tea party please mom."

I should have made orange pekoe tea, opps, we had green as usual.

A little painting before bed.
All are now tucked in and sleeping soundly.
The blue tea party has been replanned (oops I just planned again) for the morning as part of a birthday breakfast for Emily. She is going to be 9!
I must remember to have blue berry tea, yumm.


Hannah said...

Sounds like a fun day! Love the shoes. And I'm glad everybody is feeling much better!

Family Adventure said...

You are doing awesome. All those tea parties. I love'em!

Heidi :)

Kami said...

Okay you can throw plans to the wind but not for Friday afternoon!


LOVE the tea parties, how much fun is it at your house?!
I get my Arbonne cream today! I better take a before picture so I can notice if it makes any difference :-)

Tracey said...

Getting closer to him being home, eh? Poor Ethan! Burn that picture...

Momma TaderDoodles said...

I can't believe you have color specific tea parties! You've got more energy than I do! Then again, everything in my house is pink/red and blue because my youngest won't use anything not blue or spiderman...

I know how hard it is to be without the Man... The first time I had to be without Mr. B was during my first pregnancy. I was so startled the first morning by the sound of the alarm clock that I pulled a muscle in my neck and had to get a shot of cortisone... I was out of commission for two days. I spent the whole week he was gone sleeping on the futon in the living room because I was afraid to go to the other end of the house at night alone.

Angella said...

Great photos! You are not scary in the least.

And the shoes! I LOVE the shoes!


Jovi said...

you obviously have the world's best tea parties! i should totally try having some with my kids, they love tea!

Karen MEG said...

Aww, what a great time! I love those shoes, and that tea party looked just lovely ;)

Anonymous said...

Can I have an orange tea party the next time I come to visit...it is my favorite. Sounds like things are going ok while Dave is gone. Fernando left today. Call if you need me...I can help in mind and spirit.

Love your sil

The Chatty Housewife- said...

What is K wearing? Something knitted and footed? So cute, I love it.