Thursday, May 31, 2007

Special treat day

Today was a rainy and cool day. The kind of day you sit around at home and snuggle with a good cup of coffee. We were having a slow morning puttsing around and playing whistle when the phone rang and on the line was BeachMama. She is in town visiting her sister and I had told her to give me a shout if she wasn't too busy, so when she did I was so excited. My first real life meeting with a friend met through blogging! And she is as funny and cute and nice in real life as she is on her blog, a real down to earth sweetie.
I was so glad that she came and we had a great time visiting and sharing stories of life. So much nicer than reading each others archives.
I got to thinking later on today about blogging and other bloggers and comments, after all that is how we met.
I must start with a thank you to SAJ, since it was through your blog that I clicked on Beachmama and saw her fabulous new banner a while back and got in contact with her. ( I used to peek in on her before that though, I just never said hi)
Anyway as I was saying I was thinking, (which may come as a surprise to my dear husby since he thinks I just plow through my days without much thought) about fellow bloggers and commenter's and I really want to say thank you.
To all you readers who leave me comments, thank you! I love comments and check the blog a couple times a day to see if there are any new ones. It always cheers me up and makes me happy when I see one. I see the numbers on the counter go up so I know people visit my site but when I get a comment I just love it, even when it is a simple hello. The I don't feel like I am talking to a virtual wall. So, thank you, you really make my day, I am kinda a glutton for the attention I guess. Or maybe it is the fuzzy feeling or happy sigh, cuz it is like a mini coffee break to sit and read a little note, whatever it is it works for me.:D Thank you!!!
I mean to write back and acknowledge you all when I read the comments, so I am sorry for that, no one deserves to be neglected. Please understand that I am super busy and usually have one hand full of baby and the other full of egg or crackers or something along those lines and just trying to click the darn mouse in such positions has become an art form.

Back to my day....above is a shot of what I found when I went into the bathroom this afternoon.(ya, I know we still have that hideous flooring) Sweetpea had opened a box of cookies, taken a bite from each one and placed them in a line. What possessed her to do that I have no idea. Sometimes I wish I could climb in that little girls head and see what is making her tick.
Later on even though it was still rainy out it just felt like a freezy moment so we ate 7 of them between the three of us. (I actually ate 4 1/2) Ethan is cutting 4 upper teeth at the moment so he really loved to chow down on them and Kaitlyn is cutting her eye teeth so she was in the same boat. I just had a craving and have no excuse.


BeachMama said...

YAY!! That photo turned out great! What a pleasure it was to meet you and your family. Although I still feel badly that you didn't get to meet J, it was great to chat without trying to entertain him at the same time. And in the end his nose is running like a tap and I would have felt terrible if your sweet kids had ended up with a cold because we got together.

It was such a pleasure and I hope we can do this again on my next trip to Regina. Of course if you are ever in Ottawa, I do expect to get together too!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Now I have a freezee craving. I want a blue one and a red one.

familymclean said...

Chatty: I would totally send some in the mail (a fun little treat in the mail always makes me happy) but it would probably take longer (and cost more and they would melt and then you would have to refreeze them, yada yada) than you heading down to the store on your own. :D .....I think I want a blue and a red one now, mmmm
(oh, and I agree used free furniture totally rocks!!)

Beachmama: I was sorry to have missed out on visiting J too. Hope he feels better soon! And for sure next time you are in town or we are out your way we will have to have a playdate!

Catharine said...

Hi Anna,

I am guilty of reading your blog often and not leaving comments...sorry! I see that you have been blogging Teresa - that is wonderful - I know that she appreciates the comments and prayers too! I have a lot of news as to what has been happening in our lives lately, but it would take too long to tell you now so I will have to do it another time (no, there are no moe babies on the way so don't even go there!!!!)

Anyway, I will send another blog or email soon. Bye 4 now!

familymclean said...

Hi Catharine. I miss you all so much!!!!!!!!! Yes I am dying to hear how everyone is doing and what is new with you guys. So looking forward to hearing from you again!!

Dustanne said...

oh we bought freezies and they didn't last a week and that was about 100 of the heat here has been horrible.
It is great that you got to have a real life meeting....aren't those Rockin?????

familymclean said...