Friday, May 11, 2007

Bugs, yucky bugs!

I have been freaking out, got a bad case of the creepy crawly, heeby-geebies going on...I found some freaky bugs in our room along the baseboards and under Ethan's change table and in a wipe container. Turns out they were carpet beetle larvae (click to see), totally gross, I want to move, but I guess fumigation should take care of them. I'm still freaking, gotta go clean some more....I'm going to be anal freakin clean now! I hate bugs!!!!!!!!!! I am itchy all over and would swear I feel things crawling in my hair and up my legs, ack, I want to shave my head and have a bath!


beck said...


Sleepynita said...

We had some centipede looking things and a giant spider this week. that was gross enough.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the black and white... and though something was crawling in my hair. GROSSS.. Can you imagine some of those in your salad? WHARLDH... BLAH.