Tuesday, May 15, 2007

That banner again...

We were over at my mom and dads tonight and fiddling around on their computer. I looked at the blog and saw how the banner disappeared off the rt hand side of the monitor. Dave came over and showed me in the settings how to change it to fit. It didn't work very well. You do have to have a wide screen to see it properly. I will try to change it to fit for everyone with my next banner. Sorry to all of you who only see one of Dave's eyes.

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BethJoy said...

Hey, this is Bethany I came to visit your blog because you left a comment on mine!! Nice to meet you, I haven't posted about selby because unfortunately we don't see them often :( I spoke to her a few weeks ago and they are doing well, we really need to get together with them soon though!
So I see your first daughter was born on Aug 15 05, my 2nd son was born aug 14 06, cool! You have 2 babies very close together, WOW! 1 year apart! We had a scare back in nov that I might have been pregnant with #3 due in July, but God knows that would have been way to rough on us/me! Our boys were 2 1/2 yrs apart and it is still rough, but also because I have a day home every day with 5 kids (2 are my own of course) and I have MS, multiple sclerosis, so a 3rd right now would be a little crazy for us! We do want a 3rd, but in a bit for sure!
What 2 little blessings you have, very adorable!
God Bless :)