Monday, May 07, 2007

Banner trouble???

Ok this is serious. Chatty said that my banners hang off the left side of her screen and out of the header box. They look fine to me, now I need to know how the rest of you out there see them. Do they fit neatly in the center of your screen or hang off one side or the other? Also do you have a wide screen or standard screen and does that make a difference? If this is a problem a lot of you are running into I will shrink the banners down and try again...thanks for the heads up Chatty!


beck said...

I have a standard screen, firefox is my browser (if that makes a difference) and the banner hangs off the right side of the header box so that part of your husbands face (from the edge of his left eye over) isn't visible until I scroll over horizontally. Hope that helps.

Dustanne said...

I do have to scan over as it hangs on mine as well.