Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Long weekend with the Calgarian G-parents

Grandma and Papa A. came down for the long weekend, though it felt really short, we miss them already and wish they could have stayed another day. Dave and Papa spent the day building a new shed, and Dave was happy for the help, it would have taken him a few weeks on his own.

My mom and dad came over for lunch and stayed for the afternoon. The Grandmas, K, E and I took Tubbs and Castillo for a walk to the park. Kaitlyn has usually been a little afraid of the dogs, with good reason. She has been snapped at by Tubbs twice. However this time around she opened right up to them and loved holding the leash so the dogs could drag her along on the walk. Just before supper everyone was tired and Kaitlyn was playing quietly next to the dogs. Somehow she startled Castillo and he snapped at her biting her hand. It bled a little from the puncture but she was so brave. She cried a bit but decided she was alright and didn't even want a band aid, such a big girl!

Sunday morning was time to paint. Grandma was admiring the paintings Kaitlyn did over the last few weeks and wanted one for her office. She sat on the floor with Kaitlyn and Ethan and they created together. Sweetpea now has three canvases under her belt, soon she'll be having a show of her own. Ethan sat there with them watching the whole time and sucking the paint tubes, soon he will be old enough to paint too, what fun! There are a ton more photos, but I am now trying to conserve a bit of my bandwidth space, so click here to see the rest.


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

We are not but so close with the granparents, and I really long for those relationships~so this is PRECIOUS!

I don't know about being interviewed~LOL! Sounds GREAT~but I'd like to interview others, too! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

MJ said...

How brave of you to let your daughter play with real paint! I only let my kids play with Elmers washable paint (red, blue & yellow) but then they get to play with mixing the colours & making new colours too!

I like the vibrant colours in your flower painting. Based upon the bottles, it would appear that you used acrylic paint?! I haven't bought oil paints before so maybe you used oil instead?! Thanks for sharing!