Friday, May 25, 2007


Kaitlyn loves to play baby. She likes to dress and undress, feed, and make her babies have naps. Last night she wanted to put a diaper on mini Annie and well, the diaper was bigger than she was (she is sitting on a preemie diaper in the picture above) so we improvised. Since Kaitlyn insisted that she needs a "dipe" we made one out of a Kleenex and painters tape (that was what was kicking around).
If you are wondering if I ever wash my child's face or if I leave her like that all the time. Well...I try to remember to wash it but sometimes she has her snack and takes off to play. In this case it just hadn't happened yet. She is clean this morning though.

Of course I couldn't do a post without mentioning my hunky little dude "Eth". I thought he was such a chub till I saw a bunch of other little guys his age. Now I think he is just right, and just a little husky, mmmm I love my little sprout!

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Anonymous said...

So I have changed my mind, Ethan does kinda look like Grumpy Walter.
They have the same belly! Ethan does not have as much hair mind you . . . .
I love how you improvise with Kaitlyn. One day she will make a great mom herself - she has a great role model in her mom.
Love to you all, miss you all so much.
Grandma Grumpy