Saturday, May 26, 2007

Art Festival Treat

This afternoon Katie, my friend Tracy, her babe Breck, Kaitlyn, Ethan and I went down to the Cathedral Village Art Festival for the afternoon. It was super crowded and loud but also a lot of fun to see all the different styles of art come together in one huge collage. All our senses were tantalized there today. We saw neat stuff, and some really whacked out weird stuff. Heard awesome drum beats and terrible country moaning. Smelled yummy Punjabi food and mini donuts and yucky spray paint fumes. Tasted cheese qecedillas and delicious toastadas (sp? on both words)from the Casa Maya booth (they are opening a restaurant here in the next month), and thank goodness we didn't have to taste something gross. For the sense of touch there were so many different textiles, fabrics, cement art sculptures, glass and metal pieces to feel.

Some of the jewelry was so beautiful I wish I could have shopped all day but the kids would have had a fit. As it was I was so impressed, Kaitlyn stayed in the stroller the whole time and was happy. Ethan had his moments but we found a nursing station out front of Groovy Mama
and he was happy after that pit stop. Watching the graffiti artists and listening to the drums in the background was one of my favourite experiences of the festival. I was getting tired after 3hrs and Ethan had fallen asleep on Katie's chest so we called it a day and headed home....after stopping for slurpees...of course! The rest of the pics are here.

I would have loved to spend the whole day and eat and eat and eat, but I would have blown the budget, made Dave mad and be in the dog house, so I spared my butt (ha, more than one way) and have a happy husband.

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The Chatty Housewife- said...

I've seen a youtube video of that layered spray painting art. I think it's incredible.