Wednesday, May 09, 2007

trying new things

This banner is not staying, I am just trying it for size. It doesn't look any different to me, how about you? I think that no matter what I do Blogger adjusts it...I guess I could fiddle with the HTML though....ugh!


Anonymous said...

Hello sweetie,
I really liked the other header better. I thought you had done such a good job on drawing it with your right hand. This one would be cuter if you had 4 pairs of flipflops with one for each of you. One big for Dave, a lady like one for you and small ones for the cuties. Miss you! love Auntie Kathy

Dustanne said...

love the idea that you draw your own banners!!! That Rocks!

Dustanne here....I saw your post and I love the idea that you thought you and I are alike. I will think up of some 'good' questions, and pop them over. Would you like them here or at another blog of yours?
Awesome pictures by the way!!!!