Saturday, May 05, 2007


Last weekend...this is how far behind I am, Auntie Em & Uncle Phil came over for a sleepover and to just hang out. Since Dave was working I was glad to have the help, though I got nothing done, having them there to play with the kids was a nice break. We headed down to the park for lunch, toting along the left over fried chicken, onion rings and cheese bread. No traditional tuna sandwiches, pickles and ripple chips...Emily was so disappointed, but I had no bread, she survived.
After we ate Katie walked down and then pretty in pink (who is moving on me, though only a block away) brought Ollie (her dog) down too. We hung out for a bit feeding the geese then went home for naps...well K,E and I anyway.

I meant to dress Kaitlyn and even swore I packed her shoes, but I couldn't find them in the jogger so, she ended up wandering around in her sleepers. I really am not neglectful, sometimes little things like what she happens to be wearing just go unnoticed, I just saw that she wasn't naked and that was a pass in my books.

It was a windy day so Ethan spent most of his time shaded in his ride. I thought Emily looked so beautiful standing there, watching Phil and Kaitlyn feeding the geese, she was a little more fearful of them , they are pretty bold and will come right up and snatch the bread right out of your hand. Kaitlyn was gobbling up the bread right along with the geese, and seemed a little apprehensive about sharing it.
Back in the yard, colouring the sidewalk.

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