Saturday, May 19, 2007

Little walk

Summer days are finally here and we just have to take advantage of them. Emily came over the other evening to join us for a walk to the little playground a couple o blocks away. Along the way Kaitlyn collected treasures, something she has done since before she could walk on her own. Twigs, dandelions and even a piece of discarded cable. Whatever fit her fancy came along with us.

I wasn't sure how Kaitlyn would react to the sand considering she has never really played in it before. I thought she would get grossed out and want her hands washed like she does with mud. I was wrong, she loved it and filled her little dress with it, the beach should be fun! Once Kaitlyn went down the slide it was "moe, moe, moe" and Dave would help her up the structure and Auntie Em would go down with her, over and over and over.......and over.....and over.............................

Ethan took a few turns as well but didn't seem the get the same enjoyment out of it as K. He just liked getting carried around in the snugglie, pulling his hat off and chewing the brim, throwing it on the ground, getting it back and sucking off the dirt. Oh well, those germs are the good ones right?

The walk home felt like it took five hours. Kaitlyn was distracted by everything from a chunk of coaxial cable to dandelions and rocks in the alley. Then she was just too tired to walk the last block and daddy had to carry her stroller, baby, purse, treasures and the little princess herself home.

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