Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Afternoon on the trail.

Monday afternoon was gorgeous out and Dave had the day off so we dusted off the old rollerblades and hit the pavement. It was an amazing feeling and one I have missed for over two years. I am so glad to not be hugely prego's this summer!
Dave the kids and I headed over to my parents for a lazy visit out in the yard and hung out around a plate of nachos. I had gone into my moms pantry and pulled out a bag of chips, turns out they were lime flavour. Paired with cheese and dunked in salsa made for a rather strange combo, but we were all hungry enough to eat it anyway.
Now you see Emily on a swing in the picture above. Turns out it is forehead level for Kaitlyn. I felt like a terrible mom when I just couldn't get there fast enough and she walked right in to Emily in mid swing. The force knocked her off her feet and she hit the back of her head on a stack for boards. Poor child, look at that welt!

After recovering with a cool cloth to the head and a sympathy nurse we headed back out on the trail with Phil and Emily coming along to go to Katie's old condo one last time. She is moved into her new place now and it is so awesome, I hope she blogs it some time soon.

All in all it was an great day (of course slurpees were involved). To view all the photos click here.
I am way behind posting, so I will try to whip out a quick one in the morning about our day today.


The Chatty Housewife- said...

I just went for my first rollerblade of the season a couple of days ago. It brought back memories of "the Ledge" and those late nights we used to spend in the park. I was glad I was able to rollerblade. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to, because I had ankle surgery a while back.

Dustanne said...

You hugely pregnant????? Nah I could never see that.

I have never rollerbladed....never did well with rollerskating....hee hee

familymclean said...

Me hugely pregnant, believe it, check out the pics on flickr.