Thursday, May 31, 2007

I can't believe I'm not in jail!

So I had intended to do a post first thing this morning to catch up to date. I should have known better than to plan ahead...of course that meant that something else would come up. We were actually having a really good start to the morning, up earlier than the last few days at 9:30 rather than between 10 and 11 due to two teething babes. So we were up and even functional, dressed and all, when the phone rang at 10:30. . .

I saw it was Katie and answered "hey, what's up?"
Katie says(in a barely audible raspy tearful voice)"I'm bleeding and I can't see how bad it is, I need you to come now."
My heart is now in my throat and say"WHAT HAPPENED"
Katie: "the TV fell on my head"
Me:"I'm on my way"
So in my head I am totally freaking out, praying she doesn't die, thinking Aaaaahhhgg, I wish I could teleport myself, ok, focus, get first aid supplies, bandages, no, tape, no gauze, no....agh, I'll take the whole stinkin box, ya that way I am totally prepared. I grab the kids,put shoes on Kaitlyn, get their blankets, the backpack the box of first aid (which is in a speaker box, so not handy at all since it is overflowing and the lid doesn't even close) so I throw it in a Lululemon bag and drag the whole lot out to the truck in less than 3 minutes flat and drive like a speed demon over to Katie's. I shall not disclose exactly how fast I drove and how insanely I was yelling at other drivers and weaving in and out of traffic. I should be in jail! Seriously though all I wanted was big flashing lights and a bullhorn. Regina drivers drive like they have all year and then some to get anywhere. I am sure I broke records. Anyway I get to Katie's and my adrenalin is now through the roof (due to my insane driving and inner dialogue telling me that my sisters life is in my hands and I must get my gut under control because I may have to save her life) and drive right up into the muddy mess(soon to be a parking lot) to her front door.
Have I almost killed you with anticipation yet.....
I open the door and go in...silence...."Katie, where are you, are you all right?"
I hear movement upstairs and meet her at the landing halfway up. She is walking, I stare at her and think, whew was this some sort of joke. I expected a pile of blood and my sister laying in it with her TV on her head.
She is still tearful and says "I can't see how bad it is, can you take a look?"
I am still a little in shock that she seems ok and take a look at her head. There was a one inch gash open and oozing. "Stitches" I say.
I then follow her into her sitting room and want to know exactly what happened. She then goes on to tell me that she was adjusting the cables and had moved the TV a bit to get at them, it then fell on her head then onto her DVD player. It(the DVD player) is totalled! Has a huge dent on the top of it and is squashed. Oh, Katie's poor head, "lets go." (Oh, and about the raspy voice, turns out she was home sick with a cold and had pretty much lost her voice)
We drove to a walk in clinic and Katie got two stitches to hold the gash closed and a tetanus shot since she was due for it anyway. All better, and now I feel hungry, it is noon so we head next door to Houston Pizza for lunch.
That pretty much sums up the drama for the day.
Every thing else seems rather pale by comparison. But on with that post I was going to write...

Last night we went on a play date to "Lady and dawg's" house. (that is who 'Pretty in Pink' is according to Kaitlyn)
We ate super yummy homemade macaroni casserole and Kaitlyn and Ethan donned their swim trunks and suit and had a bath in the big jacuzzi tub. Ethan, who has yet to have the scare of dogs put into him loved hanging out with Oliver (the most beautiful dog ever) there are some pretty close seconds though in cow-town. Kaitlyn was terrified of him and spent most of her time sitting up on the counter where she was out of his reach. Turned out to be a fun evening had by all since mommy also got to visit with a friend, a nice treat to be out of the house.

Later in the evening I made the mistake of offering, ya, what was I thinking, a blanket ride to Kaitlyn, and we proceeded to do turn after turn after get the idea, around the living room/dining room. Once I was totally pooped Kaitlyn gave her dollies a few turns as well. Here are the rest of the pics.(click)

And here are some pics from tonight. With all the hecticness of this morning I didn't even think of the camera so this is all you get for today.
Here is Dave helping move an old sofa out of Katie's old condo for Paul and Marita. They are open to take pretty much anything to help them get started so we are all dumping everything on them. They will probably hate this later.
And the last pic is just a cute one of Kaitlyn playing "hair" with mommy.


Kedge said...

ShaZam! When it rains, it POURS!
BTW I can make that halter dress okay, I'm just not sure about the fabric? Is it jeweled?

Anonymous said...

How is Katie feeling now? Hope she feels better soon. Give her my best.

Don't feel bad about the driving!
We have all done something like this to help those we love.

Love you lots !!!! Aunty Kathy

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Wow. I am glad she was ok, that would have been so scary. Head wounds bleed so much.

The Mr. and I started out with second hand furniture and a lot of donations, and it was such a blessing. Once it was time for new things, most of the items were ready to be trashed or donated anyways, so it was perfect.

Dustanne said...

Thank God she is ok!!!
I hope she is doing better now.