Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A day in their life.

Little monkey man, he sits well, and when he does fall he holds his huge noggin up so as not to clunk it on the floor, lotsa brains in there! Acrobat Kaitlyn, the smallest perch and she will balance on it. Here she is watching the neighbors tear down their garage.

I caught Kaitlyn colouring on the walls for the first time. She had a look that said "uh, oh, I think I 'm in trouble" but she was so cute and it was just chalk, I just couldn't be mad, so I tried to explain to her in a firm but kind way that colouring on the walls is not something that is permitted. I still have her art there, it's just so cute!

We get awesome puddles being on a corner lot, and Little Sweetpea couldn't be happier. Here is Ethan, actually looking at a book, not eating it....progress!

Potty training seems to be something that Kaitlyn does when she feels like it. I don't push her at all, but sometimes she just disappears and this is how I find her.
Ethan loves cheerios and is learning to get some into his mouth, though 8 out of 10 he drops and inch away.

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Sleepynita said...

I personally feel like I am always cleaning up Cheerios! I am actually suprised that they are not considered a major food goup by Health Canada for infants! LittleMan has 4 hiding spots on the main floor alone and will search the darn things out, and heaven forbid if he can not find any!