Sunday, May 06, 2007


Here are just a few random shots from the past week, odds and ends, that round out our days.
Hey Grandpa Grumpy, Kaitlyn is practicing for a crib match when you get here, be prepared!
Dave lucked out on a trip to Toys'R'Us for fresh play dough and came home with a Wii...I am so tempted to make a bunch of lame punny jokes with Wii in them but I will spare you of my wii silliness;)

Drinking and driving....I hope that is something we never have to deal with with our kids. I think about the whole teenage thing every one in a while and realize I will have two of them at about the same time, then I decide not to think about it any more and live in the moment. Ahhh, I love my little babes, and their chubby little legs.

Hobo Kaitlyn, sometimes I wonder what she is thinking when she dresses herself! Housecoat, Christmas socks, sun hat and who know what else underneath!
Reading and rocking, we spend some awesome moments all three of us rocking and singing together, they are my happy place. Those moments are so special, I almost cry (throat is tight right now) when I think about them, I love those moments!!!

After nursing both of them (one stressful afternoon when neither of them would go down when I wanted them to and they were both so fussy)...they both fell asleep and I got up to try and get things done, finally. They both reached out for me and found each other and held hands in their sleep, it was awesome, I stood at the door and just watched them, finally so peaceful and beautiful!


Sleepynita said...

I LOVE GETTING COMMENTS FROM NEW PEOPLE!!!!! Thats sometimes how i find more blogs to read,, I will be adding you to my blogroll in the next couple days, I love your format!

We are in Edmonton. Luckly we bought our home a few years ago before the craziness, but we have concidered selling and moving somewhere in Ontario whee I can get twice the house for less then half the money!

How is Saskatchewan treating you?

Oilers, even though they suck this year!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the cribbage tournament with Kaitlyn.
Love Grandpa Grumpy

Lainey-Paney said...

Wow. You nurse BOTH of them???

I'm impressed.