Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh, boy...this banner stuff....

So, I have been talking to my oh,so smart husband, (he is a techie) and he says that the screen size doesn't matter (I am so sorry Chatty) and that it all has to do with screen resolution, whatever that is! Right click on your desktop, click on properties, go to settings and that will tell you what you have your screen set to, apparently there are different options. I was just making things fit my screen, so I will try to make them smaller so they work for everybody. I just tried to shrink my header in Photo shop and blogger readjusted it, does it fit?


Sleepynita said...

Your banner is great on my computer!

I love that you like Lululeman, I just bought a new pair of pants there this week, and I have worn the 3 times (and washed of course!) already, how embaressing!

My cousins just moved to St Albert from Calgary, I think they felt they won the real estate lottery when they bought a house in St Albert! Super cute little bungalow!

I have crap loads of Saskatchewan family (but doesnt everyone in alberta?)! You must be loving the Regina housing prices!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

There isn't an outline anymore, so the banner looks great. It has a bit of white on the left side none on the right, but it really does look good. You are right about the screen resolution or whatever, that's what I was thinking when I typed "screen size." I used to have a ton of trouble with my blog, it would view differently depending on what people had their font size set at, resolution size set at, and whether they used Firefox or Explorer. My blog always views completely different with those two browsers, and things wrap, overlap or disappear off edges, so I check both after I make a post. Basically as long as I don't try anything fancy, like photos with words beside them instead of over or under, I'm fine.

Anyways, this turned out really lengthy. Sorry. I basically wanted to say that if it is viewing fine for others, ignore me! It does look better now, although I liked the outlined banner before, if only the banner would stay within the outline. Whoa.. I just can't keep my fingers from typing long winded paragraphs this evening, can I?!