Thursday, May 24, 2007

It was a blast at It's a Blast!

This morning we went out on a playdate, yah! It was awesome to get out of the house and see other moms with babes. Though I am sure we picked up new germs. (we just got over being sick here for three weeks) We had one little scary moment when I turned around to grab the camera and when I went back Kaitlyn was gone, it had only been maybe 13 seconds. I searched and searched for her and my heart was starting to pound. I knew she was there somewhere since they have security measures so kids cannot get out or someone else can't take your kid. But where was she?!! Turns out another little girl had pulled her over to her table to get rid of her so she could play where Kaitlyn was playing, so as I ran around looking for her when she had been right behind me, she was trying to follow me. By the time I realized she was following me she was bawling her little eyes out and clung to me like she would never let me go. We ended up going home then because she was done!

Ethan met some of his little friends there and they sat around sucking on yucky colorful balls together. He played strange a little too and I think it was because he was just overwhelmed by all the kids and colors. Anyway...we were up at 9:00 am, went to It's a Blast, came home had naps from 1:45 to 2:30 and went about our, playing...eating, playing, playing...the usual. I put Ethan to bed at 8:30pm and he has woken up three times already and Kaitlyn finally went to sleep at 11:30...what is with that!!!!

She fell asleep on Dave's lap watching Scrubs, is she always going to be like this? Is it because both her parents are night owl's and it's destiny, why!!

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