Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The little artist at work

Kaitlyn had been watching me paint lately and had been asking to paint as well. The red painting above was painted last week. I was so afraid of her getting paint every where so I took it all outside and let her go. She ended up adding dirt and stepping on it then traipsing painted foot prints all over the grass in the yard. I was so glad we were outside!!! It turned out really well, abstract and colorful.
This particular day she wanted to paint again but it was rainy out so I just rolled out some paper in the kitchen and gave her the supplies. She chose colors and started to paint. Then I remembered the last time and the paint foot prints and thought I had better take off her dress. So off it came and to my surprise she had no pull-up on. I tried to get one on but she wanted to paint in the buff. So she did then it was straight into the tub!!!

There were more painted feet, hands, legs and a belly this time, thank goodness it all came off in the bath, you should have seen the bottom of the tub when she was done, it was like a broken rainbow!

Ethan sat there watching her create her masterpiece, eating the paper, a spoon and a bowl of popcorn twists. He then had a bath with Kaitlyn since she requested his presence. This had become ritual, they seem to really enjoy playing together in there.
And here is Kaitlyn clean again, and wearing my heels, she loves shoes, anybodies shoes, and she gets really upset when she cannot get Ethan's on. I am sure someday his will surpass hers, but by then I hope she has no interest in wearing his shoes.


Dustanne said...

Wow this is awesome!!!!!!!
I love the photos!!!
I love the fact that the acrylics are water
what fun you must of had...thanks for sharing that

Anonymous said...

i am following your directions to leave a message. i hope it works! love, mom

Anonymous said...

i see it did! happy Norwegian day!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I think you should frame that red print and hang it. It is so fun. It would be neat to display artwork from your kids in your home, since you are an artist yourself.

Anonymous said...

hey anna - these pics are super sweet - I hope you keep a portfolio of all her stuff!