Friday, May 25, 2007

A glimpse at a day in my life.

Good morning mommy! Two smiling happy children this morning, a great start to a beautiful sunny day. We had a brunch of pancakes, played "pie-doh" and spent the rest of the morning cleaning, doing dishes and cleaning up little puddles since a certain little squiggly girl kept ditching her diapers.
Kaitlyn loves to help me clean. She swiffers the carpet and sweeps the floors, always when I am trying to get things done quickly. We go back and forth, I swiffer so she wants to, I sweep and she changes her mind and wants to sweep too. We trade and trade and it takes 50 times longer than it should to get it done, but she is learning valuable skills. She then wants to dump the dirt from the dust tray into the garbage for me so I do one little pile after another and she goes and dumps them. Turns out she was dumping it in the bottom of the cupboard instead. Oh, well, half way there. Then it was lunch and Kaitlyn wanted a picnic. Ethan was sleeping so she pulled up a stool and sat on it. I dragged a chair over and put a cloth on it and she ate her "Dora, Dora" there, still sans diaper.

Ethan then wakes up and we need something new to do. I chug an ice coffee and on we go. Hmmm, more play-dough, I am thinking of what to do next Kaitlyn is sitting on her blanket in front of the TV watching Dora (hello, what else is there....I don't know why we have satellite, it is now after 11:00pm and she is on Dave's lap guessed it, Dora) and eating a Kinder surprise egg which she slipped in to the shopping cart while getting groceries last night. I decide we should draw a map and play cars and head off to the basement to find paper. On return I find Kaitlyn cleaning up her chocolate and dumping it into the plant pot, then removing it with a napkin and dumping it back on her blanket along with fist fulls of dirt. We get cleaned up and make the map, play cars, and then it is nap time. I whip out a painting, decide I hate it and paint over it and voila naps are over and I swig more coffee.

Now what to do, hmmm, lets go play outside. We get bundled up, not because it's cold but because Kaitlyn likes to dress up to go out. She gets her little stroller and a few treasures. Today we took a toy truck, two cars, a princess Belle crown, a blanket, a sippy cup, one pine cone and a pine needle for a walk. Ya, I know, a pine needle?! Yup! Along the walk she also collected dandelions, lilacs and a variety of other flowers that I have no idea what they were, another pine cone and a leaf. We took turns pushing Ethan and her stroller of treasures, and wound up with Kaitlyn in the big stroller pushing her little stroller and I carried Ethan and pushed the stroller with Kaitlyn in it home. Kaitlyn screamed and screamed the whole way home an then continued to scream as I made supper. She was over tired over hungry and did not want to be in the house. After nursing both babes I was able to continue on with supper prep, singing happy songs with my now happy again kids. Dave came home, we ate and rushed over to see Katie's new condo. Stopped at DQ on the way home for cool treats and that brings us to a close.

Both kids are asleep now, Kaitlyn fell asleep watching Dora and I can almost guarantee that if she wakes up crying in the night it will most likely be for Dora. And that is a wrap, here I now sit having me time, thinking I should probably be doing laundry or something, but I am beat and my caffeine induced buzz's are worn off.
Tomorrow is another day.

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nicole said...

your day makes me kids are 18mths apart and I remember the does get better...especially after diapers! so busy.