Saturday, December 08, 2007

You really want to know...

what a real day in my life is like? There is nothing to admire here. I seriously am challenged with getting anything done around the house. Thank you all for the comments, it is nice to know I am not alone. But it is not all rosy...I like to paint a pretty picture, but here is the cold hard reality of a typical day.

Sure we do fun things, lots of crafts, because I love them, and the kids do too, is way more fun than cleaning. First thing this morning---after breakfast we had a bath. All three of us in the tub. Me with my legs hanging over the edge and back crunched in a v so I could wash my hair. Kaitlyn kicked me out as soon as I had rinsed and demanded new water, "no mo, mom shampoo in bath, new wat peeease!"
As the kids finished their bath I dried my hair and then it was craft time. Today Kaitlyn wanted to paint, so I got her what she wanted and tried to control a little wild Ethan who just wanted to throw craft supplies around and try to get at the paint pallet. I ended up dragging him to the living room to look at ornaments and get a phone call while Kaitlyn went off to paint a wall in the basement with a big brush she had found.
I let her since I was on the phone and Ethan was being a handful and the walls down there are in the process of being painted anyway. Anything to keep her busy. It did not last long however and soon she was back saying she was done and had put her paints away.
On to the next thing.

Lunch and naps-which only lasted for about 25 mins, ack, I had so much to get done and only one load of laundry got folded.
The kids got up and since naps were not long enough they were cranky.
Time to get out of the house.

A few errands then Toy's R Us.

"Mom I want one of these"
Some Christmas shopping done.
Awww, Ethan, Ewwwww, why do you have to put everything in your mouth. He is the oral discovery child. Yuck!
Oh crap, naps again. Now they will be up late.
Next up, Chapters for more Christmas shopping. (Really it is for me to hit the Starbucks there and get a dose of super hopped up caffeine to keep going.)
Once we got home I took in my coffee, set it on the piano, brought in the kids and then went back out for the purchased goodies.
When I came back I was greeted by a little girl guzzling my java. I thought i had put it up high enough, but it turns out that there is no place too high for a determined two year old.
I was so in for it now.
I drank the remaining quarter of the cup and brewed myself a fresh pot of coffee.
Now the whole reason I had bought a cup from Starbucks was for the buzz it induces and I can clean like a bee in it's wake. What the heck do they put in it? Seriously, it is not normal coffee, it is like coffee on steroids!
I considered calling the hospital or poison control. If it gives me that much of a kick, what would it do to a two year old?
I soon found out.
She spent the next few hours skipping, hopping, dancing, jumping, bopping, jiving, and twittering from one thing to the next with no attention span giddily giggling as she went along. I really want to know what they put in that coffee, because I sure hope she does not have withdrawal because it was speed or something.
Dinner time. Kaitlyn did not sit through this. She was still in a hippety hoppety mood.

Finally simmering down, she took a break to go through the Sears wish book and point out "me want this, and this and this, and Eth wants this, k, mom."
I go off to clean up from supper and try to get something done and next thing I know....naked babies!
See the mess around them in the pic above. This is how it usually is. I try to take close up photos of the kids so you don't see that mess.
So it is now 8 in the evening and Dave calls to say he will be home shortly and I still have yet to accomplish anything. I get the kids back into diapers and go to the kitchen. There is a massive mountain of dishes so my work is cut out for me. I must make a dent so it looks like I did something today. Dave would not be pleased to com home to a dive.
The kids are quiet and I get the dishwasher loaded and the kitchen swept and the counters wiped down, hmmmm they are still so quiet, I wonder what they are up to?

Ha, of course making a new mess!
As I was running around trying to straighten up a bit for Dave I found this (above).
Any advice on getting acrylic paint off walls? I am all ears!!!! Please!

Dave came home. Yay! I missed him. The week is over and now we can relax!
I had forgotten I still have no microwave, and being out of cheddar I ended up melting cheese whiz on the stove for nachos, what a pain!
Kids are now in bed and I am beat. Dave has crashed on the couch and HGTV is droning in the background as I sit here now taking my me time of the day, and it is way past midnight.
I do not try to glamorize my days, but usually just share the highlights. It really is quite dull, but this is how it is day in and day out.
I really wonder how other moms can do it and have a clean house, clean kids, hair and make-up done, a part time home job and have more than just two kids. I have so much to learn!
And I forgot to mention my mini melt down to Dave on the phone. I was feeling rather down, don't know exactly why, can't seem to pinpoint it, but I just am not in a Christmas mood...I think it is coming slowly though. But I have been sad about the weather, I hate being so cooped up and hate having sick kids. Thank goodness our colds are winding down!
Enough about me and my grouchiness, so much for the joy!
I love my kids and husband and if you made it this far in the post I admire you!
Thanks for hanging in there with me, I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you all!


Family Adventure said...

You are such a good mom...don't worry about the mess. There'll be plenty of time for a perfect house when the kids are older!


Kami said...

Your kids are still so young Anna, just making it through the day with everyone healthy and happy is a HUGE accomplishment.

My husband still tells me that now - thankfully I can meet those expectations.

Most days.


I have yet to get really into the spirt of Christmas too. It's hard when we have a bazillion things to do.

Mmm, I think I need me some of the Starbucks zip!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Ok, so you ARE normal! We believe you now. Loved the nakey chef pic. :)

Karen MEG said...

Anna, you are a great mom, honestly motherhood is a lot of being stuck in the mundane, and feeling like you're just running around in circles all day. It's especially tough with two BABIES, because that is indeed how young yours are. Things will change and some things will get better the older they get, but I'm sure the challenges will change and grow too!
Just hang in there, take it day by day, you're doing such an amazing job as a mom and wife. Don't sweat all the small house stuff. It's still there and will still be there, but precious time with the kids goes by so quickly without you even noticing it.
You've got the most beautiful naked cuties BTW!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I am studying for exams (like now) and wondering why I am going to school... I read your blog (like right now) and am soooooo thankful that you have kids. I am thankful for 2 reasons. 1.) Because I really live your little guys... I just think they are so wonderful 2.) Because it makes me want to study.... school is so much easier! I only have to be responsible for me and not 2 other precious lives. That would be so much more stressful! You having kids make me realize how I am so not ready... I don't know if I ever will be... SO much work and not enough sleep. AND I am so grumpy when I don't sleep.

ps - I think you are an awesome mom. If you can burn off 3000 cal or MCD. food in a day then you must be really busy:)


JeniBeans said...

Oh Anna...I absolutely LOVE you now. I so appreciate you showing us what it's like in your home. I have always had a hard time believing that everyone had a time with their house like I did. Even running at break-neck speed it's impossible to get it ALL done...yet I keep trying to make myself believe just the opposite. It's just not going to happen. And if by some miracle it DOES, you can bet it won't tomorrow. =)

Thanks again for this post. Keep on Truckin' friend.

Thanks also for your craft-time ideas you share through your pictures. I only wish I could afford one of yours! lol